Hotwire / wont help me change my typo and refund my tickets with 4 day pier my trip.

United States

I booked a plane ticket from sf to bogota and I immediately realize their was a one letter typo in my last name. After I purchased the ticket I call hotwire they said they will put an pnr to notify the airline... Today I recieved a phone call from hotwire they said they have to cancel my ticket and tell me to buy another one for 300 more... But I call hotwire and other two airline like 10 times to try to make that adjusted but both side bouncing the to each other. Than I call lan they said hotwire had the ability to adjusted bc and lan willing to help. Right now hotwire is totally not helping their customer to get the best of their purchase... Its a human honest mistake but why they give such a hassle to the customer. I understand their is policy but a letter typo correction is not like my whole name change. Just simply one letter costing me such a anxiety... And now I cant even sleep that why I writing this complaint.

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