Hotwire / rebooking of a flight previously paid for

United States

United: HXMMN 9/16/2017 CMH to Portland NOT ticketed as promised by Hotwire representatives numerous times.

Alva M Teets
Craig L Cohen

Rebooked on 6/13/2017 from previous itinerary #[protected] for
CMH to Vancouver BC 10/11/2016 2 round trip tickets United. Paid additional $210.68 for fair change at that time my credit card was charged to change the ticket for a flight from CMH to Portland.

24 hour check in prior to flight time was refused online by United. After discussing the apparent non-ticketing of this flight by hotwire… Hotwire representatives continued to say the flight was ticketed and confirmed. Unfortunately, they were addressing the old CMH to Vancouver BC from 2016, not the current flight from CMH to Portland. Subsequently, we were being required to pay an additional $1500 for the trip by United and thus did not take the trip.

I've contacted the trip insurance company, Better Business Bureau, and now you for some resolution to the mishandling of the rebooking and additional charges for that rebooking… Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Sep 17, 2017

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