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My parents went on a trip to Berkeley CA. I decided to treat them a Father's day gift by paying for their hotel. I went on Hotwire to find a decent hotel at a good price. I was happy and proud to give my father a gift for Father's day. Imagine my shame when I got a call from my dad that the hotel clerk and manager told them that they didn't have a reservation. My father handed them the confirmation page but the manager insisted that it wasn't in the system. When I finally got a hold of someone from Hotwire, it turns out they didn't send something called a V card. All I got was words of apology. They said that they were sending the Vcard at that moment. It didn't do my parents any good since they were tired and had already left to find somewhere to stay for the night. I was then offered a refund. Ok, little comfort and not what I call making things right. I'm ashamed that my Father's day gift was a sham. My parents had to suffer the shame of being turned away. Neither of us did anything wrong. Hotwire dropped the ball and all they'll do to make things right is a refund. That's not making it right. This was my first booking with Hotwire, trust me it'll be my last. Next time I'll spend the extra money to know that I can count on my stay and peace of mind.

Jun 19, 2017

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