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I have booked many flights through hotwire but now will NEVER book again after my last experience.

For the SECOND time, hotwire failed to send me a flight confirmation itinerary with all of my needed travel information. I called the customer service center and went through 2 reps where neither could track my flight details. Infact they said that i had no confirmed flight on their system.

Ofcourse this was stressful news to hear as I was positive that i had a confirmed booking and had built my transport and accomodation details around the flights times already.

I was forced to check my bank statements and then to call the direct airline i had selected for the flight. They sent me the itinerary within 2 minutes. They confirmed that hotwire was definitely the provider i had booked through. This was very displeasing to hear.

I then decided to call hotwire back to make a formal complaint about their error and poor service. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor for assistance. I got transferred to FIVE different operators all in which said they couldnt help me or that i had been transferred to wrong department. In the end the last operator cut off the line half way through conversation to a status in which i couls only hear music. And that was it, i was forced to hang up. Absolutely the WORST service i have ever had from a phone operator service. The fact that i had to go through my own bank statements and call the actual airline for assistance and recieve no formal apology from hotwire is total bullcrap.

Nov 03, 2016

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