Hotwire / credit from a canceled flight cannot be applied to a new flight

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I spent a total of 5 hours on the phone with hotwire trying to use my existing credit of $311.00 toward a new flight and was told serval times that the flights don't exists. What made it worse is in that 5 hours I spent most of the time on hold. I fell asleep! it was 1am and I had forgotten I was on the phone. I would search online and the flights are available to purchase. I tell them this they put me on hold and come back with a new answer that makes no sense. I'm extremely upset at the hot-wire service. I think they don't want me to use my credit because they want to pocket the money. Putting me on hold for an hour at a time is a way for them to get me to give up on the call. I mean how long can I listen to call waiting music. It was pure torture.

How can I not use my credit from a canceled flight. They already made money off me for the cancellation because there insurance wouldn't cover my reason of getting pregnant to get my money back in full and now I cant even use the leftover credit.

I will NEVER BOOK A FLIGHT ON HOTWIRE AGAIN. I suggest no one ever use it. The service is better going directly to the airlines themselves.


Nov 14, 2017

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