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VA, United States

In June my husband was going to a function in MD. He would be drinking and wanted me to drive him so we booked a room in Fredrick so I would not have miles and hours to drive back and forth. I wanted to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn or another similar level hotel. I thought i had called the hotel directly to ask about government rates. When I spoke to the reservation person he asked me how much I wanted to pay and what kind of room I wanted. He said well I can get you that rate at the Sleep Inn and it gets the highest customer rating. I was taken back considering that I thought I was talking to the Hilton. I said what are there no rooms at the Hilton and he said no that he could get me a room at a top rated Sleep Inn. I used to be a road warrior and I would not normally have EVER stayed at a Sleep Inn. I said I want to stay at the Hilton and he kept insisting that the Sleep Inn had higher customer ratings. When we went to book the room then and only then did I find out I was actually talking to I said I thought I was talking to the Hilton. He said well they are booked and I can get you a better rate here.

I was not thrilled at staying at the Sleep Inn - it was at least clean and quiet but certainly not to my level of standards - by a very long shot. But as we were only there one night and I would be driving back and forth I took the room.

We just got our charge card bill and there was an odd charge on the bill from We were being charged a Canadian exchange rate for the date in question. Hmm - Frederick, MD is not in Canada as far as I know. It turns out that the reservation agent for was based in Canada and NOT ONCE did he say one word about being in Canada - just as he was not clear about not working for Hilton. They charged us a $2.78 charge. Granted it was not big but think if they do this all the time - it adds up. They are running a scam charging extra and not letting people know.

This is not the first time we have been overcharged via We were charged once for a trip to NYC 8 months after our trip and AFTER we had paid for the trip many months earlier. I don't trust them and for those of you who use them - watch your bill - don't be surprised if they charge you bogus amounts.


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