SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / the fortune hotel and suites las vegas nevada

Las Vegas Nevada, US
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I booked this hotel with We arrived at the hotel and checked in, we went to are room, open the door, when we turned on the light we saw several cockroaches scattering! And then the smell hit us, the smell of urine and face's was Unreal! The beds were dirty there was urine all along door jamb corner. We couldn't enter the room any further we had to turn around before we got sick. We went to the front desk manager on duty. And told her that the room was unacceptable. She didn't offer us another room, I wouldn't have taken it anyway! What she did say was that we had to pay for the first night no matter what. If there was to be any more communication about this it would have to be through where I book the hotel from online. I called they immediately called the front desk persons try to get this resolved and so far they cancelled the room hoping that my credit card wouldn't be charged. they were continuing to look into it. This hotel is not fit or sanitary! I'm sure if someone came in there and inspected, most if not all of the rooms would be shut down.

Mar 24, 2017

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