Hotels.comover charged

Good afternoon,
I stayed in your hotel Nov.25-28, were we charged through booking number
[protected] for $348.96 and at the hotel
Again for a completely different amount $299.97
Confirmation [protected].
I spoke with a front desk receptionist by the name of Sky with
Home 2 suites and she seen the error in their system and
Was to relay the message to the supervisor, Ms. Faye
We failed to hear from the supervisor so we called back and
Much to my surprise, Sky didn't mention it at all,
Ms. Faye with hotel Home 2 Suites asked us to contact you,
You failed to let them know that the hotel room had
Been paid for in full.
Someone needs to clear this up as soon as possible
And we need our over charge credited back.
This has been a disaster and caused further problems
And needs to be addressed immediately.

Brandi Lang [protected]

Dec 11, 2018

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