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My name is Steven Dulin. I am currently staying at your Hotel in Arcata California, on Valley West. I booked this room through

My phone number is [protected].

I am writing this as a complaint. But i would like to start this off by telling you what I like about this hotel.

I love Arcata. It is a NICE PLACE. I love this location.

This particular hotel has qa very unique layout. The floor design for this type of hotel is very pleasing. The pool area is very nice. The bar area, is very nice, you lobby is very very nice.

I do not like the bathrooms. I think all bathrooms should have a window, personally.

The parking lot is cool, your indoor pool is cool, the locking doors are cool, the carpet is cool, , the rooms are pretty clean, the bed is soft, the linens are clean and nice, the pillows are new and nice, the tv's are nice.

The desks are a bit in need of repair, but really cool and well worth repairing, and really, I have no problem with the desk. I just hope you repair them, and keep them.

I also like you female staff. Sharon, Angela, Darcey, Claudia, Amanda, they are all super sweet, and do GOOD WORK, and are friendly to the customers. Glenn is pretty cool too.

Please do not take this as a racist statement. I am not a racist, but the black people I have seen on the streets, surprised me. The black people I have seen working have been very nice respectable honest folks, in most cases.

Here are my problems.

Well, my windows in room 253, part of the right side frame is broken, the left side is peeling the sun screen plastic. My tv did not work properly and was grainy. The next night I checked in again, I asked to have my tv fixed, the maintenance said it was fixed, the grain was gone, but it would not change channels. I told Angela, the maintenance man came up again, he told Angela the tv was fixed, it still would not change channels.

He left, and Angela, tried and tried to get it fixed, and tried to change it around, But [censor], you guys got these tv's deck screwed down, kind of ugly, like in my room in room 267. Very tacky, ghetto style carpentry work.

I tried to Check in at 3 pm, I was still working on my room and changing room at 6:30 pm, Angela did comp me a room the next night.

But the room I went in in Room 267 was beeping because the smoke detector needed to be fixed.

The coffee pot was missing, the the ice bucket was missing, Amanda went and got them for me. Glenn came in the front desk and fixed the battery at 4 am in the smoke detector.

Several times my keys would not work. They do not open my door, and if the open my door, they may or may not open one or more of the doors around the building.

Also, right by the side door, yo have that linen closet area, the male staff, looks similiar to the homeless people and the male residents, I can not tell them apart. I seen one kid stealing pillow cases, and walk by a guy who I though worked here, but then went into his room. I went to tell the guy who I thought worked here, but they were friends, and I for some reason hesitated, I am glad I had, because that guy who I was going to tell about the thief, was his friend, and also walked into that room. And they shut the door and went on to doing what ever, across from my room in 253. The next day, I seen the guy who I though working their, I thinks he works here,

The male staff, one maid is pretty good, but the other has loud music playing.

I liked it better when the girls cleaning the room would watch their soap operas. This was much more pleasant and acceptable then loud music, and it also allowed the maids to check to make sure the tv was working, and do a more through inspection of the room while cleaning it.

It makes them appreciate the room more too, when the room they are cleaning brings them pleasure, and soap opera never bothered guests, but rude evil greed infested management thinks that by taking this privilege away, somehow makes the business more professional, and will cause the maids to work better, and the hotel will make more money.

Well, I can tell you, instead of girls who like to watch soaps, and clean room, yo are no finding that the hospitality industry is hiring tweakers,

A tweaker is person who does illegal street drugs, like crystal methamphetamine to stay awake not eat, and get more work done, it is a terrible street drug, that is very very dangerous. But this is the people who are willing to work for [censor] abusive managers, who do not care about the people who work for them.

Anyways, the male staff I seem to have the problem with. You cannot just go around blaming upper management for your problems or the owners, if your staff is constantly complaining and pushing the blame to upper management and owners, without supplying viable solutions and explaining how the problem is upper management or the owners fault, then you have hired the wrong employees.

The smoke detectors, you need to check them in Janurary, and change the batteries, right there,

The door locks to get into the building need to be looked at, cleaned, new key cards ordered, and just fixed, that day, you work on that project until that project is fixed. You just have unskilled lazy, blaming maintenance.

They should not be discussing personal business in front of customers either.

I had been excited to stay here for weeks, then I get here, the jacuzzi is broken, the pool is closed, I get no free breakfast. I have to switch rooms.

I booked for one, but I could have booked for two. My friend came here to hang out when I checked in, until he got on the bus to take the amtrak to go to San Francisco, to take a flight, he drove me here.

I was told no guests were allowed in my room, I had to actually add him to my room, as I had paid for two anyways, just so he could hang out for three hours until 5pm when the bus came.

The homeless people out in the back part of the property, I suggest that you put motion sensors on the trees, in the yards, along the fence, and along side the building.

I suggest you put up motion cameras, that turn on, that you can watch from your cell phone along the parking lot and at the entrances.

The people smoking pot do not bother me.

But if you had uniforms, I could tell which people were smoking pot that work here, and which one smoking pot were customers, and which ones smoiking pot might be homeless.

I swear to you, the pot is not a problem, you should have a smoking section.

The tweakers, knocking on the hotel room doors well, I have seen three female tweakers knocking on hotel room doors here at the red roof in this week, who have not been let into the room, but one of the male es, let a girl into a room, just to peak in, and see if someone was there, he was not, he locked her, out, and left her by the door.

There may be a few other issues, cars are getting broke into,

This may have been a old Ramada, back when companies were run properly under strict Ramada standards. Now Ramada buy building instead of building building, and like the Ramada in this town is a [censor] hole, this is a much much nice hotel.

And the management there has a middle eastern abusive mentality towards women and their customers, they only care about the cash register, and have no customer service skills, no hospitality skilly, and no management skills. Just accounting skills, banking skills, and connections to cash from the middle east to buy valuable American property, and use brand names like Ramada to get customers, while simultaneously destroying the integrity of the company

I am available for work though, lol


Thank you

Steven Dulin

Mar 12, 2018

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