Hotels.comforfeit my free night

I earned my $180 free night a few years ago, and earned another $114 free night in 2017. They will expire on March 2018. My understanding of the policy for is that you will keep your account good as long as you have activities within a year. Based on my understanding and assuredness that my understanding is correct, I called in January, whose representative assured me that my free nights will not expire as long as I have activity prior to March 2018. I made redemption in February 2018, which should extend the expiration until February 2019. Regardless of my cancelation in May, my 2 free nights should not expire until February 2019. Here is the problem.

When I tried to book a hotel in July, I found that I only had the $114 free night. So I
1. On July 13, called After talking to the representative for 30 minutes, and asked to speak to the supervisor, I got disconnected after being told to hold for 10 minutes.
2. Emailed the same day. On July 14, the first representative responded:
"we noticed that you were able to redeem your free night on February 25, 2018 which is prior to given timeframe. Hence, 10 nights earned did not expire at all and new expiration date should now be February 25, 2019. To rectify this, we have forwarded this case to our specialist team for further investigations. We will give you an update within 7 days.
Rest assured that nights did not expire as you were able to make an activity."

3. I thought that he was right, and waited 9 days, but nothing came up. On July 23, I send another email and asked for an update. The second representative responded:
"We reviewed your Rewards account and we found out that our Rewards team added the 2 earn nights on your account that you've collect Residence Inn by Marriott Worcester and you have 1 Free night available which is the value of 114.15 USD."
I don't want you to add the 2 earn nights. I want my 2 Free nights!!!

4. So on July 24, I told them that I want my free nights back to my account. The third representative responded:
"On February 24 and 25, 2018 you had 2 free nights available and redeemed it on itinerary numbers [protected] and [protected]. In free night redemptions, the nights will not expire as long as the redemption booking is created before the expiration date, and the stay does not have to be completed. When you redeemed the free nights and then cancelled later, the free nights returned to your account after an hour."

5. Exactly, my free nights should be return to my account. But why only 1 night. So you guess it. I told them that getting my free NIGHTS was the issue. The fourth representative responded:

"We would like to clarify for you that you only had 1 Free Night available, which you had used on your reservation under itinerary number [protected]. When you cancelled this booking, your Free night worth 114.15 USD was returned to your account. You then redeemed it again for your itinerary number [protected], and since you opted to cancel this as well, we have returned your Free Night back to your account again."

Now suddenly I only had 1 free night. At this point, I don't know whether trains their representative competently or not. Apparently, every representative has a different understanding of my account. It's a simple issue, and with 1 phone conversation and 4 emails back and forth, I still had the problem. I am disappointed and angry with the customer service.

Jul 25, 2018

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