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1 Stowe, VT, United States

I contacted via the instant chat box. Please see the copied and pasted conversation below. I have not yet been contacted to resolve this issue. please reply. thank you.
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Great, let's test my general knowledge. Ask me anything you like.
We had a non refundable reservation last night. We checked in only to discover there was no control for the heat in our room. It was 80 degrees in the room. The front desks only suggestion was to open the windows. We were on the first floor of the inn. People were walking by and there wasn't even screens on the windows. We chose to leave the hotel and find a room elsewhere. Is there anything we can do to get a refund?

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OK, I'll get an agent to help you shortly.
Our confirmation number was 153230254778

Hi, Lynne! Sorry for the delayed response as we are getting more messages than normal. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about the experience you had. We'd like to help. What's your email address?

Got it! Are they aware that you left already because of these issues?
Yes they came into the room before we left to see how warm it was. Still 80 after the windows had been open for over an hour

Let me call them now to discuss this matter and ask for a refund. Btw, do you happen to get the name of the person you've spoken with?
The gentleman's name was Steve. He was very nice. Apologized for the heat issue.

Thank you for that. Calling them now. I'll brb.
Thank you!

Don't mention it. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to assist.

Thanks for waiting, Lynne! We spoke with the hotel and explained your concerns, and although all efforts have been exhausted, they declined to approve a refund because of their "No Refund Policy" during holidays. Although we'd like to hear that our customers enjoyed their stay, we have little control over the conditions and actions of the hotel. Once the customer checks in, it is the responsibility of the properties to ensure the guests' satisfaction. We have taken note of what you experienced with The Stowe Inn to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

As our valued customer, we would like to offer you a credit coupon worth $100 which you can use on your next prepaid booking with us. Please let us know if you want us to process this now.
Wow! That's terrible! We couldn't have stayed there and gone out for our evening festivities and left the windows open with all of our belongings in the room. We couldn't close the windows and leave because our dog was crates in the room and it was stiflingly hot. The hotel told us to reach out to the booking company ( for a refund because we had not booked through them directly. - Cheap Hotels, Discount Rates & Hotel Deals
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We checked in as planned and the rooms conditions were unacceptable. They didn't offer us a different room or even a fan to try to make it acceptable.

We understand where you are coming from, Lynne. We really want to help you with the refund, but we need the hotel's approval for us to do so. We were told that they fixed the AC as soon as they were informed about the issue but you already booked to another hotel. As an alternative of the $100 coupon, we can refund that amount back to your card instead.
There is no AC in the carriage house
They told us that there was not
The boiler had finally shut off just before we left but they told us it would come back on automatically
The only temperature control in the room was an old style Honeywell thermostat that was obviously not functional as it was set to 50 degrees and the heat was still pumping into the room and the room temperature was 80 degrees.

I am sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced with this reservation. We certainly appreciate hearing from our customers and we are continually looking to improve so we can provide the best experience possible. We'll have this forwarded to our Consumer Relations Team for further review. You will be contacted within 24 business hours. Thanks!
Thank you. And I do appreciate your efforts.
Fri 06:53
I have not yet received an email from the consumer relations team."

Jan 7, 2019

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