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I had one of the worst Customer Service dealing with a employee today. should seriously consider putting their employees through KINDNESS training. My hotel was over booked and I was given the wrong number to call, so I called them to try and straighten it out. I was disconnected twice and finally the lady who took my call was extremely rude and I could barely understand her! She acted as if it was my fault that my hotel was overbooked. When they left me a voicemail with the wrong number they also stated that they would find me another hotel with NO extra cost to me, that DIDN'T happen. They told me since I used a coupon I could only get a refund or I would have to pay the difference. All because of a coupon you aren't going to carry your end of the deal? That makes no sense. They also charged me $138.90 but only refunded me $138.57. I told this to the lady and she acted like it was my problem not hers. I don't care if it's only a .33 cent difference, that's my money! I always booked my hotels through them but that WILL NOT be happening again. Thank you Priceline for better service and prices!

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      Jun 02, 2009

    I booked a 4 night stay at a hotel in France. on my arrival at 11pm I found that the place was loacked up with no 24hour reception. Their automated checkin box outside the hotel would not give me access. i called the hotel security and was basically told to find another hotel. not easy to do on foot, in an unfamiliar town, carrying luggage at 11pm on a public holiday in France. I called and was passed to a number of people in India. The next hour was spent listening to their on hold 'music' at a mobile rate of 34p a minute. The reason for the delay was they souldn't pass my call to their own relocations department. Eventually I got to speak with the reloacations person and had to end the call early as my battery was about to expire. While on the phone I walked about 2 miles back to a hotel I had seen on my way to my first, lugging my suitcase and heavy rucksack/laptop bag. Only after I had checked in here did their relocations guy call me to offer me an alternative hotel - on the other side of town. It was now 12:15am

    Their customer services are appalling. They are all based in India but do the old trick of using English names. They offered to refund me for the night where I couldn't stay in the hotel. They offered me 30 gbp as way of compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused. I rejected this offfer and he called back with a new one. They would refund me 100gbp including the cost of the first night - so 69gbp and now 31gbp. I have told them the minimum I want is a refund of the first night (69) and refund of the night in the other hotel (45) a refund to cover the costs of my phone and payment for my inconvenience which I will take say 40 for.

    The danger I see with this is that they are taking bookings without knowing anything about the hotel at the other end. What would have happened if the weather was bad, or I had my kids with me? Would it have been ok had I been a single woman to be left stranded in an unfamiliar town at midnight?

    Personally I feel that their actions have been shocking and their attitude is not what I would have expected. They are part of Expedia - I think I'll be giving both a very wide berth.

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      Jul 31, 2011

    i too had the same problem with hotels . com I arrived at the hotel that was completely booked when i showed up and they didnt even have a reservation for me i called and cancelled and they still charged my credit card I have now for the past three days been on the phone for a refund to only get hung up on and them tell me that my name does not match the reservation are the name on my credit card what the hell i think i know my name the problem is the foreigner that took my info didnt process it properly so how is that my fault i told my cc company i did not stay there and i am not paying they removed it off my cc for now and are investigating hotels . com for fraud

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