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Review updated: is a fraud company. they cheat to their customers. before take payment they give me commitment to give best service after making the payment they do not reply for long time and after that delivered me wrong product. which is useless for me and digest my money as well.

Dont believe to this company. is a fraud company. their servers are very bad. full time down and all mail go to SPAM.

No reply on phone and Tickets. You can check their facebook page, so many complaints are there.
Dont believe to this company. is a fraud company,

this is their fraud guy never pic this number after payment - +[protected]


Host LYT

  • Updated by DJV Singh, Sep 03, 2017

    also check this link

Sep 03, 2017
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  • Lo
      Sep 06, 2017

    I just shocked to see this post. But i am using service last 3 months no problem on my server. and some times for email template or content issue some ESP to goes spam its normal fact.

    i think this user very unprofessional or he using SMTP for scam.

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  • Am
      Aug 12, 2019

    @loyen is a fraud company - they have cheated many people. Just check Google or visit their Facebook page. Do not fall for such choreographed reviews

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  • So
      Nov 03, 2017

    HOST LyT
    Concord Tower, 113 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Highly disappointed by this fraud and fake company. They don' t reply to tickets for 48 hours. Even if you call they talk unprofessionally and only say our response time is 1 hour to 24 hours which is ridiculous. And still after waiting for 24 hours no response.. No matter how many times you call or email no reply. We purchased service and after 2 days they stop responding to all our emails related to issue of bounce not captured. Email Service gets automatically stopped in 2 mins. But seems they have no team some freelancers who are running Adwords and targeting international clients to steal money. Don't trust them they are fake and have no team or office.

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  • Lo
      Mar 11, 2018

    Good hosting experience here. The control panel makes it very easy to navigate everything for someone who doesn't know too much about the intricate workings of webhosts and servers.


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  • Ub
      Sep 13, 2018

    Before you select Hostlyt SMTP please do a web search of the word Hostlyt Scam or Hostlyt Fraud and you will understand why you must not spend your money on this provider. What you will get are tones of customer complains about their bad service.
    I didnt do the web search for their integrity before paying and so I mistakenly ended up paying for the worst service of my life.

    Most of the positive reviews you see online are from their staff or ally but compare that to a greater percentage of the bad reviews and you will be better off trying another SMTP.

    I bought an SMTP server from Hostlyt on 02/09/2018 (2nd September 2018) and immediately it arrived I decided to check and I couldnt believe it, the IP was already on 4 blacklists. Then I tried to send tests mails to my personal yahoo and gmail accounts and your guess is right as mine, it went into SPAM mail.

    Every efforts to retrieve my money proofed abortive as the claim they dont refund, they they will start suggesting that you sent to bad list or that your content was bad. This is usually their strategy. But in my case they failed because I decided to check the integrity of the SMTP immediately it arrived and it had a terrible reputation on blacklists. So I decided to abandon the SMTP and the credentials are still valid for anyone to verify that I never sent any mail to warrant any blacklisting. The SMTP came bad.

    Anyone who is in doubt can request my log in credentials to verify from the logs. Credentials remain valid till 2nd October 2018.

    I have lodged a complain with the Payment Gateway and also online internet fraud complains. I have all of the necessary documents to proof their scam.

    All of my communications with them have been saved for future reference in case they come to this thread to deny this. But its better to be safe than sorry.

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  • Ub
      Sep 18, 2018

    Please keep off Hostlyt so that you dont get scammed. You can do internet search with the word Hostlyt Fraud and you will find lots of people complaining of their bad service and fraud. The moment they sent me the SMTP details, I checked and discovered it was already on 4 blacklists.

    So I checked to my personal yahoo and gmail and I got the mails in spam. I got in touch with them to either resolve or refund. They refused and said they will only resolve when I pay for the next billing cycle. So I got online to check their reputation and I discovered several other people complaining of the same bad service.

    They always give you bad IPs and if you dont check, they start blaming you for causing the blacklist. In my case I checked from day one and discovered they scam, but it was already too late since I had paid money to them.

    This is why they dont use Paypal because they know you can always raise resolution and refund from Paypal. They only use Payment Gateways that you can not raise resolution for refund from. However, I have complained to their Payment Gateway and hope they get banned for this scam.

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  • Ub
      Sep 23, 2018

    So after I posted this review Hostlyt sent me a threat to terminate my SMTP service if I do not remove the bad reviews within 24 hours. So I am wondering why threaten to terminate a bad service that I never used even for one day. They have my credentials to confirm that I have not used this service, plus I dont intend to use this service because I will basically be falling for their scam. I have taken the liberty to write to the FBI and other complains boards. I have been using Elasticemails for over 3 years and Amazon SES for over 1 year and never had any issue. These two organizations can confirm the status of my service with them, so basically this was just to test a third option and it turned out that it was a bad choice to have gone with Hostlyt.

    Hostlyt can continue their threat or terminate the service, I already have enough information on their scam to share to innocent people out there to help them from falling prey to Hostlyte SCAM.

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  • So
      Oct 02, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    HOSTLYT is ready system for instant bulk mailing Its Super easy to use from the start. There is zero coding needed to create landing pages and beautiful email newsletters. Their free account offers automation and many of the same advantages as the paid accounts. HOSTLYT is constantly improving and adding new features. Ive been using them for about 3 years now and absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone looking for an email solution.

    Super easy to use from the start. There is zero coding needed to create landing pages and beautiful email newsletters. Their free account offers automation and many of the same advantages as the paid accounts. HOSTLyT is constantly improving and adding new features. Ive been using them for about 3 years now and absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone looking for an email solution.

    Its not able to integrate with other plugins that are specific to the theme I use on my website. There are workarounds, but it would be nice if I could have that functionality.

    Before purchase i saw some bad review then i contact HOSTLyT team and they confirm and showed me proof like 4–5 clients out of 10000 clients they only 4–5 clients paste bad review cause they using SMTP for Scamming work and also phising mail and when they Terminate SMTP thing 4–5 clients paste bad reviews. But when i using HOSTLYT SMTP i am never face any issue with 100% Uptime..


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  • Mo
      Dec 07, 2018

    Thanks HOSTLYT service

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  • Ah
      Dec 30, 2018

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  • Mi
      Feb 08, 2019

    HostLyt Email Marketing

    HostLyt PowerMTA Email Marketing has easy-to-use features, top-rated support, and affordable pricing plans AND also non suspended SMTP Service for Abuse issue or high bounce issue. they config SMTP properly like DKIM, DMARC, SPF, rDNS, MX etc. But i don’t know why some bad review, But for thousands of client to if paste 2–3 clients bad review its normal.

    Lastly would like to suggest you find out yourself by taking a sign up and start using the HOSTLyT Service, But don’t allow for trail cause they using Dedicated SMTP After order they setup and then delivery you. But don’t worry i am using service its super good and best speed also.

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  • Am
      Aug 12, 2019 is a fraud company - do not fall for choreographed reviews. They have cheated many people, you only need to Google review or visit their FaceBook page. They use part of their ill gotten money to hire SM companies to write staged reviews to fool unsuspecting people. Do not pay them - you are not going to get any service. On top of that, they will steal your data. This is run by a gang of Bangladeshi frauds.

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  • Mi
      Aug 12, 2019

    He is Indian Client " Amit Chattopadhyay"
    He Used our Service 23 days out of 30 days,
    Then he told us we deleted her campaign, Its totally false. May be his Interspire hacked or something he do and then give us this false Blame. Please check with us Chat Conversation

    Conversation started on Monday, August 12 2019, 15:05

    [15:05] Visitor navigated to
    [15:05] HOST LyT (System Message) : Thank you for visiting our site.
    How may I assist you today?
    [15:06] V1563094399499652 : Why are you stopping my services. I have paid for your service but now you are logging in to my account and deleting my campagns and mailing lists. What knd of fraud is this ?
    [15:07] Jacky Khan has joined the conversation.
    [15:07] Jacky Khan : What
    [15:07] Jacky Khan : We stop mean??
    [15:07] Jacky Khan : Are you kidding with us
    [15:07] Jacky Khan : We send Admin access not user
    [15:08] V1563094399499652 : Then who s deletng my campaigns and mailing lists ?
    [15:08] Jacky Khan : If have any issue create support ticket from your account
    [15:08] V1563094399499652 : I also fnd you are usng my account to send spam mals
    [15:08] V1563094399499652 : My 3 support requests are lyng with you unanswered
    [15:08] Jacky Khan : Why we do?? We have thousands of your type clients
    [15:08] Jacky Khan : May be your account get hacked
    [15:08] Jacky Khan : Change your password immediately
    [15:09] V1563094399499652 : There is no way of changing your password.
    [15:17] Jacky Khan : Company do it why??
    [15:17] Jacky Khan : If we do why your smtp live ?
    [15:17] Jacky Khan : You don’t have any common sense on your head
    [15:18] Jacky Khan : That type [censored] Indian client never seen
    [15:18] Jacky Khan : May be your interspire got hacked
    [15:18] Jacky Khan : You blame with us
    [15:18] Jacky Khan : Its totally too much
    [15:19] V1563094399499652 : Just wait and see - have had enough with you frauds
    [15:19] Jacky Khan : You don’t have any common sense, try to be professional
    [15:20] Jacky Khan : Our thousands client never told that type before
    [15:20] Jacky Khan : You told us we do steel ?
    [15:20] Jacky Khan : If we do it why we delete campaign?
    [15:20] Jacky Khan : Without delete campaign we download your data
    [15:21] V1563094399499652 : What professionalism you expect ? You do not give me access to emails, how do I change password. My support requests are lying with you unanswerted for so many days. And you talk of professionalsm ?
    [15:21] Jacky Khan : Listen try to make good practice and good understanding also, Don’t make that kinda blame ever.
    [15:22] V1563094399499652 : Dear fraudster - you have just seen the beginnng. Now you wll see how I expose you guys
    [15:23] Jacky Khan : I am there sales chat only, Create support ticket for technical support
    [15:23] Jacky Khan : Thanks
    [15:23] V1563094399499652 : I have been reqwuesting you guys for so many days. Did not do anything thibinkng good sense wll prevail. But no - today you stopped my from usng my services. That did it. Now you will see

    Hope you Understand now.

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  • Vi
      Aug 14, 2019

    @Michael Karas Here s full transcript of HostLyt's so called support. Before paying them - just observe how they behave with customers once payment has been made. Also observe, how they are cheating. I have full transcript of their sales chat to prove how they mislead during sales and later give something completely different and incomplete - so much so that you will end up dong nothing.

    View Ticket

    Portal Home Client Area Support Tickets View Ticket

    Ticket Information
    #718866 - Please help in Starting My New Mailing Account Closed
    21/07/2019 18:00
    Last Updated
    03/08/2019 05:06
    Priority: High
    This ticket is closed. You may reply to this ticket to reopen it.
    02/08/2019 18:51
    HOST LyT Staff

    You not able to Request for extra service,
    As we provided you as our Features all Service.
    You should recheck our SMTP page again.

    31/07/2019 10:06
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    So, now I have established how you are cheating customers by promising bulk mail server ready with Interspire and after paying claim yours is a SMTP service like Mailchimp. You are misleading customers and engaged in fraud. I have your sales pitch transcript that shows how you are trying to mislead people with false promise. One thing can promise - it will be very very hard for you to digest my money. Just wait !!
    30/07/2019 17:41
    HOST LyT Staff

    Don't be kidding,
    Its SMTP Service not hosting so why you give you free bounce?
    Check our SMTP Features we told you got free bounce server?

    Hope you understand now.

    29/07/2019 01:07
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    What you have given is a an incomplete service - without basic requirements like From: e-mail, bounced e-mail etc. How on earth I can send emails without From: E-mail ? You have taken control of my domain - so I can not set-up e-mail myself. I did not pay for an incomplete service - either you give me a functional service or return my money.

    Do not waste anymore time. Please deliver a functional service immediately. I am going to take action against you if the service is not operational within next 2 days.

    Please treat this seriously !

    28/07/2019 17:06
    HOST LyT Staff

    As you paid Service you already got from us,
    You got SMTP credentials and also Interspire Admin access
    The both are working fine, If you face issue so let us know error with screenshot.

    28/07/2019 11:15
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    I do not want Webmail - I want a functional Interspire bulk mail service for which have paid. Till date, I could not use your service as its incomplete. Either give me a functional service or refund my money. Already 15 days have passed since I paid and still my service is not functional.

    Please treat this seriously and set-up functional bulk mail complete with necessary emails. If not, I am going to take necessary action against you.
    27/07/2019 17:53
    HOST LyT Staff

    Please check our SMTP Page and features,
    Here not included Webmail Service addon,
    You can take it from your Account "Service" Addon option.

    26/07/2019 11:28
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    Hello there,

    After 3 days you come back to tell me I have to pay extra for setting up email addresses without which no bulk mail can be sent ? Then you should have informed that in the beginning. You know very well without setting emails no body can make use of your services. You have taken payment from me and now evading service delivery on one pretext or other.

    Either you return my money or set up the emails immediately. I want immediate action

    Please comply

    Best Regards
    26/07/2019 10:40
    HOST LyT Staff

    We not able to provide root access cause its SMTP Service,
    Webmail if your need so you can take Webmail addon from your Account "Service" Addon option.

    23/07/2019 01:42
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    Dear Support Team,

    Thanks for telling me the IPs in my account.

    Please inform the log-in id and password for Webmail as I have to set-up the e-mail boxes. Since setting up
    email is not in your package - you must allow me to do that.

    Please also inform main IP and root password of my dedicated server.

    Looking forward to your prompt response

    Best Regards
    22/07/2019 19:11
    HOST LyT Staff

    Your pointed 1 and 2 not included this SMTP pack,
    You can check our Features.
    Your IP range to and to

    21/07/2019 18:00
    Amit Chattopadhyay Client
    Hello Support Team,

    Thanks for your support. I have now received account details. Created test mailing list and campaign. Sent campaign mails.
    Mails have successfully sent however, there are many errors. Please check Error log.

    Please help me with following information
    1. Have you set up bounce processing ? I mean the Cron set-up and creating mail boxes ?
    2. How Do I access mailboxes for bounce, From: etc. ? Please send me the URL and user-id password for each mail box
    3. What are my IPs ? I believe these will be for my dedicated use

    Looking forward to your early response

    Best Regards

    IP Address:

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  • Vi
      Aug 14, 2019

    HostLyt is a fraud company - do not get fooled by choreographed reviews and support answers. They have no support - only sales. After grabbing your money - they will use one pretext or other to deny service. I purchased a server from them. They took extra money to set-up the server but never allowed me to use the server saying my server has been hacked and being controlled by hacker group. I could not do anything, nether they responded to my multiple support tickets. Later I found this company is being run by a gang of Bangladeshi frauds who are well known as fraudsters. Just Google them or visit their FaceBook page. Don't pay them - if you do, will suffer.

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  • Am
      Aug 19, 2019

    Once you complain against this fraud company - they threaten to damage your reputation. I disregarded their warning and posted review. This is what these Bangladeshi frauds did:

    ------------------------------- Threatening Email -----------------------------------------------

    Take down your all fake bad comment, Otherwise we will paste your all company and job place company bad review included your name.

    Do it within next 48 hours, Otherwise you will get understand what we can do for you.

    On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 12:27 PM GETCO IT wrote:

    check and think how your feelling
    We have all your company and job detail's

    You will see the live complaint very soon this link,

    Just wait and see and then understand how feeel

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