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Hoover Windtunnel U8371 / Constant clogs!

1 United States

I have read several complaints on the internet and agree with this: Pros - when working properly this vacuum is amazing! As others have said, it picks up an amazing amount of dirt and hair. The tools are versatile and mostly effective, and the theories behind the self-cleaning filter & bottom-emptying dirt cup are ingenious. However...

Cons - it doesn't long for the "self-cleaning" HEPA filter to become clogged with pet hair. The hair, along with the dirt, dust, and assorted allergens come falling out just from taking the dirt cup out. Reach up inside the mechanism to remove the hair clog and get a face full of nasty.

I bought this vac because my old cleaner's dirt cup dumped from the top & had a filter inside the cup that required tapping every time you dumped it. As an allergy sufferer I could not deal with that long-term. I spent good money on a solution, but found myself with a different problem instead. Too bad... hopefully they'll do something about this when I talk to them tomorrow. If not, I'd love to hear from others interested in a lawsuit. Seems that, at minimum, they've falsely advertised the effectiveness of the self-cleaning system & help for allergy suffers.


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