Hong Leong Bankunethical & breach of pdp act

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so i would like to ask and know as well... since when the "alliance" formed between you and Alliance bank that personal data is being shared in between? This is so unethical and no wonder there is so many unsolicited calls from both your bank and your best "alliance" to the innocent public who got bugged... Since your alliance does not really do anything..what about you then?

Refering to the information sent anonymously to me that indicate about an unethical behavior of Alliance bank worker who i believed has been processing/keeping the personal data illegally.
As a member of the public, i am disturbed that such a thing happen at a reputable bank. I have on several occasions received phone calls from strangers inquiring whether i needed monetary assistance which i believe most Malaysia folks facing this nuisance in their daily life. I always wondered how these people obtained my personal data.Which by now i can somehow aware how the public information can be so easily leaked out due to bunch of unethical individual that does not take the laws seriously.
From the information leaked with my observation, i strongly believe that this individual retain all the private information sent by customer in the mailbox and some as old as year 2015/2016.
I believe that the leak info that i receive i just part of the nonsense and i strongly believe there is more which neither me nor the public is aware.
In conclusion, I feel that there is an urgent need to treat this matter seriously.
I have since then, urged the respective bank that an immediate investigation against the individual to carry out and put a stop to this malpractice and let the culprit who breach the laws to face the full force of the law.
However after a disappointing attempt, there is no update nor action taken against the said person so far which is why i have no choice but to seek for public justice through social media.

Hong Leong Bank
Hong Leong Bank

Nov 26, 2018
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  • La
      Dec 24, 2018

    Hong Leong Bank is currently close 20++ branch in whole malaysia. this mean that HLB face some financial problem.
    Please dont do any investment with Hong Leong Bank, they may bankrupt in any time.
    Poor customer service, sharing all the customer data to others 3rd party, not responsible at all.
    please take out all your saving with Hong Leong Bank

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