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Hong Leong Bank / giro transfer to hlb

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Re: official complaint - giro transfer via maybank2u has been rejected by hlb, but informed by maybank
Most of the time I am in singapore and I manage basically all my banking online. So does my hlb amex card payments.
I did my 1st transfer on 21 mac 2008 amount rm500 and the 2nd transfer on 16 apr 2008 amount rm600.
I did all proper procedure as what I did for my other credit cards and my statement shown transaction approved and accepted by maybank.
But both rejected by hong leong bank.
When I return from singapore on 20 april, I receive an advice from maybank stated the giro was returned by hlb due to funds cannot be applied. Return reason: invalid account number.
Surprisingly, I did not receive a single letter from hlb regarding the rejection. But I only receive letter and letter of reminder to warn me of overdue payment by hlb. Perhaps that's all hlb is great of chasing money. As if hlb did not even know I sent money.
Without delay, I made calls and calls and calls to hlb and maybank.
After my investigation, I found that is hlb rejected my payment, but I has nothing wrong with maybank or even my log in procedure.
Some of your hlb operator asked me to try again, non of them can answer me is the 15 or 16 digit problem or what, did they open any maybank website to check? Or help me? They don't care and ask me to call them back if problem occur and not giving me their direct line.
So every time I called I will have to listen very long the pre recorded steps, and wait till I can have the selection to choose to talk to one of the officer. Then I will have to explain and explain again and again my problem, and they will ask millions of question to verify my identity.
Only after the forth time, your officer encik yusri seek help from his colleague and finally he called me after 4 hours to tell me I can use 15 digit for my giro transfer. (Although the instruction given by maybank2u was a 16 digit.) he asked me to try... (Which means he is not confirm) I tried... Result... Unknown.
I did that giro transfer immediately unsure it went through or not.
I am very upset with:
1. Why is the reject not being informed by hlb to me? I only get to know when maybank send me a letter to tell me the money has been returned by hlb. The worst is it happened twice.
2. Why is hlb did not have a signal to show such rejection to customer? And all hlb know is only "overdue payment", "overdue payment" to warn me.
3. Is the account number of my amex 16 digit or 15 digit? Please make me clear now.
4. Why only the forth time someone can finally give me an answer? Then your other operators must have not be qualify to handle problems. Why is your operators are not being trained to handle such case? Why not the first call, my problem will be solved?
5. Perhaps your operator required some time to investigate, but why is slower than myself? Or they don't even care and just let me do all their job?
6. Are you using this way to earn extra interest from me?

I may not be interested of weather your procedure required your party to keep me informed in regards to the payment rejection. But in view to the customer's knowledge, I found the rejection should be highlighted by hlb to me and not by maybank.

This is a very simple procedure that made very bad reputation and impression on me and my friends to hlb. It is a shameful case that your staff did not know how to handle. It also shown that you all only know how to tell people "overdue payment" but never you notice there is another error happened within or behind the case.
The delay result my two giro transfer cost me processing fees. I in need a pay back from hlb.
The delay result my interest is being charged by hlb. I in need a deduction from it.
I am very disappointed with your service attitude and I view this very serious issue as it has given me extremely unpleasant experience.

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  • Sa
      10th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    i'm so symphaty with your problem you encounter.this type of problem really can cause people felt frustrated.we as a client are much more expecting on this big agency like HLB for helping us running our finances services but so disappointed it turning out from our, i hope some of the agency can take it as a lesson so it won't happen again in future.

  • Ku
      21st of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i am hong leong bank custemar, today i check my account balance! i detect my current account balance is lack! i need go to police station report??

  • Ku
      21st of Dec, 2010
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  • Hu
      23rd of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    sekarang hlb service ang sistem sangat teluk, saya mesti complaint di face book, betul kasih orang marah, satu bank yang yang besar, tidak ada seorang boleh kerja settle problem kah?saya credit card setiap bulan settle tidak pernah hutang wang, sekarang stament datang, wang sudah tolak, selayang jaya branch cakap sudah bayar, head office terus telefon cakap tidak bayar, apa hal ini ?har... hlb ialah satu yang lapar punya hantu kah, nak orang bayar wang setiap hari telefon datang, saya punya touch n go, tanak guna lagi, sudah dekat satu tahun, sampai sekarang pun tidak pulang balance balik, (pulang wang macam kura-kura), tidak apa ...jika hong leong bank susah nak settle problem, saya akan online bagi semua orang tau, apa bank yang ini .akuan saya semua akan tutup

  • Te
      25th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Worst bank ever...staff was like very slowpoke and guess what? i remember when i want to open new account the staff ask for electric bill and water was that?? ah long?? and when i cash my cheque it takes about 1 week and still the money not in my account and it end up they say "tak tahu lah kt mana cheque adik" ... work as customer service can say "tak tahu"???? idiot staff ever...and another 1 thing my friend bank in from Hong Leong Ipoh and the money wasnt in my account after 2 days... so he ask the staff there at Ipoh and they said on 1st day "nant kita cek adik balik dulu" on 2nd day "kita cek dulu adik tggl no phone nnt kita kol" and the 3rd day he go there again and they said "ini sudah nak 1 week kita susah skit nk cek ni, , adik balik dulu nnt dtg" the 1st issue came from Hong Leong Bandar Baru Ampang and the last one came from Hong Leong Ipoh...i saw from these 2 outlet most of the staff is Malays and i suppose MAKAN GAJI BUTA JE LA KORANG NI.

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