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Honeywell / Very bad work environment!

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The Honeywell design facility in Clearwater Florida, plant 1 has very bad management. They lie and cheat employees. Allied Signal bought the company and has been killing the division. Very demoralizing. Most engineers are depressed and want to leave. Caution: do not take job from them... you will be sorry!

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  • Ch
      21st of Jan, 2007
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    Honeywell sucks! They cut budget and we got no development tools. We working with stick and stones! Then they complain it takes too long and hit us at review. Piece of ### company. And I am in another division too... People leaving in droves.

  • Ro
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    I have done my best to walk away and let everything go, but something inside of me refuses to let go. Since I file discrimination three years ago with the EEOC against Honeywell Phoenix I have watched the same discriminative practices used over and over again on the employees of color at Honeywell. Many of the people who know that I filed have come to me and asked what can be done. My answer to them has always been that nothing at all can be done because just like I was told by the supervision at Honeywell and I now believe the EEOC is paid for and owned by the corporations in Arizona. These are not my words but those of the supervision at Honeywell. This was also in the claim that I filed three years ago, so the EEOC also knows it was said by Honeywell supervision.

    I feel that the EEOC sold me out from the first time I walked into their office. I made it very clear as to what had taken place and I also gave the EEOC more then 30 witnesses. I asked that if it was found that what I was saying was truth what the EEOC would do to help me. I was told that if my claim was found to be true then the EEOC would do its best to mediate a settlement with Honeywell. I was told that if there was no settlement thru meditation then the EEOC would represent me in a court of law. This was all a lie. The EEOC did nothing to help me fight the discriminative actions of Honeywell.

    It took over two years before The EEOC began an investigation. I had to call over and over to get the investigator to talk to any of the witnesses. The people that I talk to later all told me that the investigator first acted as if she did not believe what she was hearing from them, but it all supported what I had claimed. After three years it was finally ruled that Honeywell did in fact discriminate again me. I got a call one morning from a mediator asking what I would settle for. He than told me to make it small or the EEOC may not support me if this goes into a court of law. This sounded like an ultimatum and I do believe that it was. I was given no help or advice as to what a settlement should be or how to find a settlement. As a matter of fact I was given no help or advice at all from the EEOC from the beginning of this claim to the end of the claim. I told the mediator since I did not do this every day that I had no ideal what a settle should be and that I would need a lawyer to advise me.

    Since I felt that I was given an ultimatum by the EEOC to settle for little or nothing. I went to a lawyer to find out just what this settlement should be. I was told that since this discrimination was being done with Honeywell’s HR department full knowledge of it happening and that I was able to prove that there was a long history of decimation against me this should not be a small settlement I made an offer based on my lawyers suggestion and was turned down by Honeywell. There was no attempt to mediate as I was told by the EEOC. The EEOC mediator told me that the offer was turned down and he was closing the case. I told him that I would give Honeywell a chance to find a settlement since I was not able to do so. He then said that he would try one more time.

    Because I felt that Honeywell and the EEOC knew more then what I was being told and that they may have even been working together I wrote to John McCain and to Jon Kyle to ask for their help in insuring that the laws in the State of Arizona, and the United States was upheld. It seems that the only people’s rights they care about protecting are illegal aliens, or the Taliban. I would have done just as good if I had written to Peter Pan. It was very systematic in the way I was run over from the start by both the EEOC and Honeywell. About a month later Honeywell came back at me and made an offer of $10.000 or $7.000 after my lawyers were paid. My wife looked at me and said “The EEOC and Honeywell must think that you are a crack head.” I had no other choice but to turn this no offer down. About a week later the EEOC send me a letter stating that the EEOC did not have the resources to carry this on any farther and was dropping the case. It stated that I would have to fight this on my own. This is just what my supervisor at Honeywell said had happened in the pass and would happen again. How could he know if this was not an on going understanding with the EEOC? If this was all the support I had found in the last 3 years I would be a fool to spend all my retirement savings to fight on. If the United States Government did not have the resources how in the hell did the think that I was expected to have the funds (BULL), or did they? In the end the only person who paid out anything ended up being me. How many People have this been pulled on?

    The reason I am writing this letter and sending it out to so many people is the fact that this type of discrimination has gone on for as many years as I have worked at Honeywell (30 years) and is still going on at Honeywell today. The EEOC knows all about it, and it still does nothing about it. I know this because other people have come to me and have told me that they have tried to work with the Phoenix EEOC and have had no luck. I feel that Honeywell and the EEOC thinks that African Americans are stupid and are fools. At best the only job that the EEOC is doing is to cover up for decimation by the large corporations in the Phoenix area. The only time I have seen or heard of anything being done to help people by the EEOC is when large groups of people have complained about a problem, or the person making the complain is handicapped, or they have been non African Americans. Just single African Americans find no help threw the Phoenix EEOC. The Phoenix EEOC is only looking for high profile cases. I would also like to make it clear to Mr. Chester V. Bailey of the EEOC and to Honeywell that I may be a small person in their eyes but I will never stop the fight for equality. I may look like a nut writing this letter, but equality should be a right of every American regardless of race, so I say let me seem as nutty as I can get. This is part of what makes me an American, and I am proud of it. If there is nothing more I can do I will write until someone who cares or has the power to stop this discrimination listens to what is going on here in Phoenix.

  • So
      31st of Aug, 2007
    +2 Votes

    Southwestern Oklahoma State University is destroying my wife's life with the aid and assistance of the EEOC, State Workman Comp Court, lawyers taking bribes, doctors taking payoffs. The EEOC has received the proof and refuses to act on it.

    State Government in Oklahoma is in the least and immoral. They are in fact the DEVIL in the guise of the mistreated and abused christian, the only thing they truly perceive [censored]y is their money and their hate and prejudice toward those they consider lower class. Decent people do not have a chance things need to change.

    Besides education in Oklahoma being a joke it is full of corrupt perverts preying on children and their parents. The good people keep electing and praising those that are corrupt, and they do it in the name of GOD. Study up on what "SOONER" really meant and the kind of people they are. Practice caution in Oklahoma you might get your throat cut by an OKIE who would SOONER rob you as shake your hand.

  • Ka
      31st of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    You should have taken the $10,000 dollar settlement offer from Honeywell. Better Something than nothing. Im surprised you are still empoyed by them. Usually these companies fire employees for contacting the EEOC. I would go back and get signatures from all 30 wittness', with a signed affidavit. Since the EEOC doesnt want to handle the case and dropped it, i would take it to a NEWS AGENCY. Im sure the local news would like to hear about a company which is still involved in discriminatory practices after the EEOC droped the ball. Better yet call you state senator and congressman. Tell them what the EEOC did, sit back and watch the fireworks begin. Too bad Honeywell didnt fire you, you could have got them hard for retaliation for contacting the EEOC. If you do get termintated at a later date, you can say it was " retaliation for contacting the EEOC. You can ask for back pay, and front pay, and if they fire enough of you folks, your looking at a class actions lawsuit...Good Luck!

  • Ma
      3rd of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I've learned the same thing.

  • Br
      9th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm with Metrologic and we just got bought out by these clowns. Sounds like Harry Knowles 'knowles' how to frig things up again.We have been in complete melt down since the patent violations we committed against Symbol Technologies. Its great to know there will be more of the same employee harassment, cheap company policies, and embarrassment for working for these pieces of ###.

    Looks like Knowels matched up with another winner at the gay bar. I've had it with this ###, kissing ### from Asia to Germany. Honeywell and Metrologic, so happy together until we organize a lawsuit to take these ###s down.

  • Av
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    Avoid this position at honeywell, especially if you are an under represented minority.

    Job description

    Asic/fpga design engineer (c3i) - orion cev program & #150; 00087695

    Job description

    Apply online

    Asic/fpga design engineer (c3i) - orion cev program
    Honeywell's aerospace business unit continues to strategically partner with other significant aerospace industry innovators in a continual effort to develop the most advanced aerospace technology in existence today. recently, nasa has awarded honeywell aerospace's innovative partners the historical opportunity to develop the united states space program's much publicized orion cev (crew exploration vehicle), a new modular transportation system capable of carrying astronauts to and from the nasa international space station, and eventually back to the moon.
    The electronic hardware center of excellence, within honeywell's aerospace business unit, is currently seeking an innovative senior-level asic/fpga design professional with internet protocol router design architect experience to work individually or as part of a team in designing and developing asics and fpgas, as integrated into various electronic systems within this historical mode of space transport.
    Work assignments will be determined by the team lead or manager and must be completed with minimal guidance. the candidate must also provide timely and concise project reports to keep the leaders accurately apprised of the status of their assigned tasks. typical tasks include logic design, generating bfms (bus functional models), test benches, static timing analysis, assist in generation and review of requirements typical projects last from 1-9 months and may require some travel. normal off-site durations are one week but may be longer. the hardware designed is for space applications and must meet the specific regulatory requirements to be compliant. there are extensive the successful candidate must have the writing skills necessary to successfully complete these tasks.

    Basic qualifications
    - u. s. citizen or permanent resident alien
    - bachelor's degree or higher in electrical engineering
    - 5+ years in an electrical engineering role
    - 5+ years experience in an asic/fpga hardware design role
    - 5+ years experience in digital circuit design
    - 5+ years experience using vhdl and/or verilog
    Desired/additional qualifications
    - strong ability to identify and capture requirements, architect the design, implement and verify using vhdl/verilog, develop test benches, and
    Perform synthesis and static timing analysis.
    - demonstrated internet protocol router and or ethernet switch design experience.
    - experience with ipv4, ipv6, ipsec, qos differentiated services.
    - significant experience with tools such as primetime, designcompiler, modeltech, synplicity and visio tools highly desired.
    - experience with aerospace products is highly desirable.
    - excellent written and verbal communication skills: must be able to write requirements learn and follow established design processes.
    As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to a diverse workforce. we are honeywell.

    Job function engineering
    Locations us-az-glendale
    Education level bachelor's degree
    Travel yes, 10 % of the time

    Relocation available yes

  • Ma
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    H'ell is lost when it comes to employees (or colleague as they call their employees). They have this new scheme to eliminate annual raises, it called MIP (Management Incentive Plan). They claim it's based on performance. Now H'ells idea of acceptable performance is 30% profit. Years where this is achieved, the "colleagues" get 3% raises. When H'ell makes only 20%, there are no they announced for 2009. Now, if you can say that raises scheduled for 3 or 4 months from now are going to be ZERO, you would think these genius managers could do something to correct the business in 4 months...oh ya, they already sold everything, laid off everyone and sent all the work to India. Maybe H'ell is screwed? In Tucson, the only people that are staying are the ones on the "Old Plan". When Allied Signal bought H'ell, they gave us this great opportunity to choose the "new" H'ell retirement plan or stay with the "old" Allied plan. The new plan, although it's not as good as the old plan for lifers who stay till they are 63, it does cut you a check when you quit.
    In Tucson, all the best engineers have left. The ones remaining are "old plan" lifers and ones with quirks that prevent them from getting a better position.
    Bottom line, don't go to work for H'ell unless you are a contractor and make sure you get 30% more than the going rate.

  • Fe
      23rd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Honeywell does indeed suck to work for. From my perspective, Allied-Signal was a much better company to work for. Our facility has implemented a Draconian on-call policy. Basically we get ~2 days a month that we're not on call and can go do something with our families. And of course there is no on call pay, no overtime pay for being forced in, and no phone/pager provided. And of course, we have to be able to be on-site within 1 hour of the call. Hell, some of us live further there an hour away to begin with. Basically, we have to answer our own personal phones and be Honeyhell's leash. If we don't answer, there is disciplinary action. Definitely avoid Honeyhell if you can, or only take a job there if you don't plan to make a career with 'hell. If I didn't have so many years invested there already, I'd be long gone. (An option I'm still considering anyway)

  • Bo
      21st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    although im sure your complaints are valid, out of all the places i've worked for, honeywell has more going on than it doesnt. i recently posted my whole experience with working there, the good, the bad, and the ugly. read it at:, 1

    i think you'll have a better understanding and maybe come out with a different perspective.

  • Co
      2nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am suing Honeywell... I used to work for Honeywell on Fort Drum, and they fired me after I filed a discrimination complaint with NY State. The EEOC will not do anything at all, but to sit and waste your time it is sad but true. after my 180 days that I had to wait I requested a right to sue letter and looked for lawyer that will work on my case in a contingency agreement.

    I am waitting still... But I will go to the news and put out all of their dirt here on Fort Drum, but what is sad is that I looked for all the help on post and everywhere but everything seemed impossible and I waited and still waitting.

    My best advise will be dont lose hope and look into your state laws, know what you can do and cannot do. dont trust in other people testifying for you or saying what they saw. You have to get whatever evidence you could get to visually prove your case. for example I looked up the laws on recording and I recorded many conversation and even printed reports to proof my case if it needs to go to court.

    Good luck to everyone... Honeywell is gone go down for all the wrong that they have done to many people we just have to wait.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Honeywell in Louisville is the pits. The management has decided you are no longer adult enough to bring in a cell phone, because you might use it. You can no longer bring in a magazine, because you might read it. Your phone is recorded, your computer screen is recorded, your watched with video cameras. You are told not to walk down certain isles because you might talk to somebody. They listen to your telephone calls so they can tell you how to talk better. You are supposed to go by the book, like people in India do. People who call in hate talking to India. It is Micromanagement at its worst. Everyone is talking about leaving as soon as the economy gets better. Management has the upper hand because of the economy, so they are going to torq the screws. Too bad they are willing to gamble and talent is going to leave because of micromanagment. Idiots Don't work here if you value freedom as a human being. You would have fewer rules if you were in a prison.

  • Sa
      29th of Sep, 2010
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    I'm working with GCSC India, an captive outsourcing unit of Honeywell. People here are pissed off bye the Management team here. They are very good in any employees can't skip them and go to the next level with their concerns. The Top Three (CEO, Director IT & Director HR) all together playing bad games(so called corporate politics) with employees. If you speak against them you are out of GCSC. Nobody from the top management of Honeywell India looking at this centre...

    I won't recomend any one to join in this organisation...

  • De
      4th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Honeywell India is a bad place to work. As many said, its good in papers...but they don't have minimum respect to people who do good work...yes one of the comment above says most of them are incompetent which is very much true...they ask employees for feedback and when they do not like the feedback given, the employee is backfired by threatening that it is not legal to give this feedback, do you know rules, behaviours of Honeywell e.t.c... company is full of bad politics... what I would suggest is if you do not have job, better beg on streets do not join this organisation as you will feel much disgusted than begging.

  • Ho
      24th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Don't think your the lone ranger! 35 years at MPLS H'ell and I can testify that all said is so true that it's still seems impossible to believe. The place is being managed by clowns...any legacy H'ell employee is treated like a second class citizen. We can only sit back and watch how the genious's learn how to manage a company by running it into the ground. Only when it's over will they ask "how could this have happened?" And as far as the EEOC goes...come on man! do you really think that a government funded agency gives a hoot about you. I have witnessed sexual harrassment, minority exploitatation, theft, fraud, colusion, cover-up's of cover-up's, employees murdered by other employees...YES, and management was forwarned and did what?...nothing and asked "how could this have happened?" The human resource department is in "bed" with management and is actually known for threats of termination as a response to those complaints. It really is not a bad place to work anymore because they only hire contract engineers and they could care less about what goes on in the future of a company that employs them for 18 months. As for the rest, I pity the young vibrant engineers who are still riding the death wagon of old engineers who no longer care. Sorry, but it's true. And sadly so is most of what I have read in this blog.

  • Ad
      16th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Honeywell Australia is the most unethical and corrupt organisation that I have ever experienced. Their treatment of customers is a disgrace ! Through my dealings with this company, I found their abilities did not meet my expectations, I am unsatisfied with all the excusses provided and found the attitude of the executive towards meeting my expectations, unacceptable.
    I would not recommend Honeywell to any prospective customers.

  • Do
      28th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have worked for Honeywell for over 20 years, there are no words that could sum Honeywell up as a company...unbelievable...a bad this hell...what did I do wrong to deserve this...will it ever why would I stay you ask, I still have a final salary pension, when that's gone so will I.

  • Mr
      5th of Jan, 2012
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    We spent $thousands on a Honeywell NetAXS key card door system. It is easily one of the worst business decisions we've ever made. The interface is cryptic and confusing, even for an engineer. The technician who installed it struggled for two weeks to program a simple schedule. Now that works but the HTML service locks up all the time, requiring me to tear apart ceiling tiles to get to the equipment so I can hard boot it, which requires shutting of its power and opening the box and unplugging internal battery. I'm just fed up with this piece of garbage. It was oversold to us on the front end. I'll never buy a Honeywell product again.

  • Su
      7th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Age discrimination is alive and well at the Aerospace division in Phoenix. It is a long standing tradition at this company. They really exploit the employee review and ranking system to make all the old engineers who aren't chiefs, DER's, managers, or superstars look like horrible, underperforming fools. It amounts to defamation what they do to your reputation and character. How do you prove that you are a concientious worker and that they are lying? These managers and HR pukes are entirely devoid of concience or scruples. They will literally do anything they are told to by their handlers.

  • Ne
      19th of May, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I've worked for Honeywell since 2000
    It used to be a good company to work for.

    Until about ten years ago, it was consistently listed as one of the best companies in the world to work for, usually in the top 20.

    Today Quik Trip (a convenience store chain) and Starbucks are on that list but my Honeywell is not is not.

    They have constantly cut benefits year after year. They used to pay the full cost of safety shoes and glasses, now they pay only part.

    They used to match 401K dollar for dollar, now they match 50 cents on each dollar I contribute.

    No pay raises in three years. Considering inflation, that's actually a pay cut.

    5 years ago I remember a dentist remarking about what great coverage I had. Today I have a hard time finding a dentist that will take the cheap dental insurance they give us.
    A few years ago we got a $50 gift certificate for Thanksgiving, and usually a company jacket and another gift certificate for Christmas. The last several years...nothing.
    They used to pay double time holidays and Sundays. They no longer pay double time EVER.

    This year they put a $3000 dollar per person deductible on our health care.

    And I am about to be fired because of it.
    Trying to pay for my wife's medication and my asthma medication I sometimes can't get mine. When I don't have it, I can't sleep, or breath well, so my performance drops. And now I am about to be fired for that performance drop. ### manager laughed and told me it wasn't his problem. Told me I should go on advisability. I don't need disability, I need medical coverage so I can get meds I used to get.

    Meanwhile Dave Cotes got a 12 million dollar raise. I wonder what he'll get this year, for all the money he saved taking our medical coverage away.

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