Aon Complaints & Reviews

Aon / 401k rollover and customer services

Jan 08, 2018

I am a former Aon employee. All I want them to do is roll over my 401K. I've been trying for over a month. First time I called, waiting about half hour on phone system, and set up the rollover. They did update my 401K balance to zero, but they can't seem to get me my rollover...

Aon / hsa account

Dec 28, 2017

AON Hewitt manages my companies HSA account. My account has been screwed up for months. They closed it in error, however, they still pulled funds from my paycheck. The did not issue my debit card and I have called multiple times to get one. I am no longer able to access my account through...

AON Hewitt / Insurance payment processing

Sep 01, 2016

My Alcatel-Lucent retiree medical insurance is administered by Aon Hewitt of Lincolnshire, Il. My premium of $1287.31 is due the 10th of every month and I've always used their website to pay the premium on the 9th of each month. Their system has always put out email confirmation but that...

AON Hewitt / Cobra insurance coverage

Sep 30, 2015

I have had COBRA insurance through Ricoh since 7-1-14 paying in access of $1, 200 monthly. Told premiums could be paid on the Ricoh benefit website, then told could not after trying to pay. Payments had to be received with a postmark date prior to end date. Mailed payments every 2nd to 3rd...

Aon Hewitt Handling Of Pension Lumpsum / lumpsum distribution

Jul 17, 2015

Hello, I have a complainit about AON Hewitt whom is handling pension distribution . I worked for a telecommunications company 30+ years and decided it was time to retire. I asked AON Hewitt to send me lump sum that I was going to invest in vanguard IRA acct. Hewitt confirmed my choice...

AON Hewitt / Poor customer service

May 14, 2013

AON will not reimburse me for an error on their part. I sent them $711.37 to cover an "overpayment". The truth is their computer made a mistake. After hours on the phone and being told by two separate people I would be reimbursed the net result was, Sorry we were wrong, your not entitled...

AON Home Buyer's Insurance / AON insurance is a rip-off!


I obtained the AON home buyer's insurance with my home purchase - the AON contract number is 1604841. Recently I found my dishwasher leaks water - it is a 14 years old machine and it did not come as a surprise. I called AON and they sent a Sears technician to check the machine - I paid $50...