Honey Baked Hamseveral

We ordered a ham because we received a gift cert from our neighbor, we went in and ordered our ham the lady kept opening the hams to show us. When we went and got our ham we beleived it was going to be sealed, but it wasn't, It looks like they price the hams by weight $10.99 lb, then they leave them opened and take slices off each one of the hams when people come in to order sandwiches, It appeared that our 7.88 lb $58.and change ham was really around less then 7 lbs, Lots of slices missing and it wasn't sealed as we expected. I beleive that they price them then use the slices from each ham, How fair is it that because of that you pay closer to 15.00 a pound. If I didn't have a gift certificate I would have never gone there, I will never return. We thought we ordered a sealed ham and that isn't what we got. When we got it home it was all dry and it wasn't good. I'm upset that Honeybaked ham thinks this is ok to do out in front of people and think that people aren't smart enough to know what is going on..Thank you Doris Beckwith email address is [protected]

Dec 25, 2014

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