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I canceled my vehicle service contract in May 2009 and it is September 2009. I have not yet got my refund back.

Count down of the reasons given so far:

#10. Honda of Kirkland says that the check is with Honda Financing Services who is the lien owner. They will have send it back saying that they don't have any interest on this car/ loan anymore.

#9. Honda Financial Services sends the check to Honda of Kirkland. Honda of Kirland says that it mailed the check but it was returned.

#8. Honda of Kirkland: Hard to catch the finance guy since he is either in a meeting/ attending to clients or on a vacation. After attempting so many times, I got hold of the guy who hardly turns up to work. He advices,
"Why don't you arrange for someone to pick it up? You only will have to send a fax authorizing the payment. After sending the fax, we called them back to schedule a day for pickup. "
When my friend called to pick it up, they said the check has been take care and it has been mailed.

#7. The check is sent back to Honda Financial Services

#6. If you can give us your Canadian address, we can mail you the check.

#5. We cannot mail the check to Canada. You will need to schedule a fedex pickup.

#4. We cannot handover the personal check to fedex. Nor can we allow you to schedule a pickup.

#3. My manager Monica is on leave. I don't know about the status of your check.

#2. Monica is on phone.

#1. Are you from Arizona? Your address is mentioned incorrectly in our records.

This hassle is still going on.

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      Feb 08, 2010

    Muhattma Ghandi once said. "if fine clothes provokes poverty, burn it"

    LIsten to Ghandi! He's giving us another option! Thats another option you guys have. "if a fine car provokes poverty, return it!"

    declare bankruptcy---and get the loan canceled out (us taxpayers will wind up fitting the bill---but dont feel bad, us taxpayer money has already helped lehman, bank of america, wamu, and hundred of other "fat cats")

    and start a new life!

    good luck!

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