Hometown Buffet / rotten vegetables

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Recently went to HometownBuffet with my wife. We ordered some hot wings and two different salads. We've been there before and really liked the place, but this time it was a huge disappointment.
Wings were ok great as always, but my salad had this strange rotten taste. Vegetables were definitely not fresh. I asked for a manager but they said that he was out and they had no idea where he was.
Then I asked them to bring me another salad but they said that I have to pay for it. I told them about the rotten vegetables but they did not believe me. Then I gave them my plate and asked them to try it but they refused and claimed there was nothing wrong with the salad.
I'm very disappointed with HometownBuffet, I really loved the place, but I'm not sure about that now.

Jul 26, 2016

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