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I was once a loyal customer of the hometown buffet in fact I had been going for at least 8 years three times a week. Two years ago moved to Beaverton Or.
Of course to save time and gas I go to the one nearest of me. The one here in Beaverton. I have filed many complaints in three years on a Lourie Gookins and they have always gone unheeded. She must have friends in high places. She has a foul mouth, is rude to my grandchildren, and often has no patience. She has cursed at me and told my grandsin to shut up a time or two.
Now I'm a religious woman and at 68 years old have no time for needing to post this stuff for the world to see. But I have complained so many times and been unheard I now have to drive a great distance to another hometown Buffet as they have become a family tradition to eat at.

Jun 22, 2014
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      Jun 22, 2014

    A family tradition, but isn't three times a week carrying the tradition a little too far?

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      Oct 19, 2014

    I can most definitely believe the storie about this young lady's behaviors. Many people have complained. It has gone unheeded. I know myself and my husband had many issues in the time we have gone there. We go twice a week and concider it a family tradition! We have changed our days to actually avoid lourie when she is working. Sometimes she there when we are and has since changed shifts and we made effort to change days again. Honestly i am not changing a place my family enjoys because a young woman has a wild hair up her hiney that likes to verbally abuse customers. GOD WILL CARE FOR THE WICKED IN HIS OWN WAY.
    I would say that Lourie gookins is a miserable employee, who is verbally abusive, rude, inpaitent with children, and has a foul mouth. There has been a time or two she has thrown bad tantrums when she has worked our meal times.

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      Oct 20, 2014

    I feel there is more to the story than the original complaint stated. The customer had to have done something to start it and I would be willing to bet the employee didn't do all the things stated in the complaint. If so there would have been enough complaints that she would have been fired.

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  • Pr
      Nov 18, 2014

    I find it funny cause it's near impossible to get fired there. But although a she was childish and had temper tantrums consistently while I worked there I never saw her act that way with a custy...

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  • Ti
      Apr 27, 2015

    Well I havnt seen Miss Lourie Gookins at that hometown in a year or two. I frequent there often. I can say she was rude, crass, and childish. I also can say she should have been fired long ago! It has been a happier place to be.
    I can strongly agree with the several complaints I have seen on here. I also had from led many unheeded complaints. Seemed she would loose it for no reason at all especially if my kids were crying. Glad she's gone.

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  • Li
      Aug 02, 2015

    I used to be a coworker of Laurie's and have NEVER seen her treat a guest poorly, no matter how trashy and rude the guest could be. She wasn't always the hardest worker (i.e she wouldn't always go above and beyond) but she did her job. I have definitely seen her lose it in front of our former boss, Shirley Pfeffer though. Our boss was a complete tyrant to all of the employees, especially ones who stood up to her. I have seen Laurie work double shifts when people would call in and she went above and beyond for any guest who was either a regular or someone just struggling. She even bought lunch for homeless people on several occasions when they would come in, even though it often resulted in a write up. I am glad she quit. The lack of compassion at that restaurant wore on all of us, especially her. Whoever originally posted this clearly has something personal against her. In the 6 or so that she worked at the buffet, she never behaved in such a way towards a "guest".

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