Home Warranty of America / washer replacement

Metuchen, NJ, United States

We purchased this high premium policy on recommendation from friends and family.
After 10 days of purchasing our washer broke down. They send a contractor who after inspection (and service fee) clearly told us that it is no more safe to run this washer and is beyond repairable. There was burning smell as well. It is 15 years old washer by the way.

It has been 2 weeks now and I am calling everyday. Looks like they are trying to find an excuse to reject our replacement claim. Customer rep told me that they are waiting for contractor to confirm that failure was not because of rust and corrosion (they can reject the claim if that is the case). Contractor has already told us that it is not the case.

Can anybody please suggest how to expedite the process here? Never expected such treatment from a reputed company like home warranty of america. We are prepared to cancel our contract (worth 700$ per year) and buy the washer ourselves with that money. No point paying them if they are not going to help.


Jan 19, 2015

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