Home Warranty of America (HWA) / warranty / repair contract not honored

Sherwood Wisconsin, United States
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I recently purchased a home and negotiated a home warranty as part of the process. One month after being in the home, the air conditioning unit failed. I had an inspection done on the home and it listed the unit as satisfactory. Home Warranty of America's stance was that it was preexisting issue and that was not covered. I asked how we could have avoided this situation and she stated we should have had the unit inspected a second time prior to running fully during the summer months. So having a warranty to cover the unexpected needs to including hundreds/thousands of dollars monthly checks to insure everything is running exactly as expected each month. I guess you don't really need a warranty with that do you.

It's unfortunate that companies such as Home Warranty of America are allowed to operate in such a dishonest and fraudulent manner.

Aug 08, 2016

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