Home Choice / poor and pathetic service from customer care and collections

Cape Town, South Africa

I have purchased a few items from home choice and was suppose to pay by the end of September. on the 4th October I made an installment, more than what was due. on the 5th I received an sms thanking me for payment. from the 6th I started receiving calls from the Collections Department, about 10 calls a day, I have to explain to about 10 ppl a day about the payment, to what account I have made the payment etc, bare in mind I paid in the account that they gave me with reference they gave me. when they call they say the call is recorded. if the calls are recorded and every time they call they update their system, there would be no need for them to keep asking the same questions. When I tell them how frustrated I am that I have to repeat myself to so many people, they become so rude as though they doing us as a customer a favor. I have requested a senior manager call me and they just say that it wont happen. I now dread ever purchasing from home choice because of the poor customer service I receive.

Oct 19, 2017

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