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I had an extremely bad allergic reaction to this soap. I had to go to urgent care to see a doctor twice for a cortisone shot to relieve inflammation. My hands were burning and super inflamed - it triggered other severe reactions and I was covered in rashes and hives for a week. I am only annoying allegeric to dryer sheets and breakout in mild rashes (Which is common as far as skin allergies go). I lost a week of work - I my hands burned night and day. I looked like I had rolled around in poison ivy - no blisters - just severe hives on my legs and arms. Again my hands burned and burned - the trigger was caused by taking a shower - warm water. Anyhow I do realize that most everyone will be ok, if they use this soap. However, the soap is really junk - the 3 difgerent scents smell pretty much the same with mo resemblance to anything. They do not give much of a fragrance - dish soap would be a preferable smell.
My wife bought it because she thought it looked nice. The plastic bottles are opaque covered in fancy pictures, that she liked. I thought it looked like toxic crap hidden in obnoxious packaging - the box alone weighs at least a couple of pounds with fancy art declaring orange blossom, lavender sage, rosemary mint, and it all smells like common dish soap. Even if it was not toxic to me we would have returned this overpriced bs. Also this soap is insulting to italy as it looks like it is not imported and comes from a shyster company in ca called home and body company.
So to recap I was sick for a week with inflamation and rashes so bad at one point I was having like fever shakes being overwhelmed by the itchy pain. I missed work and had to shell out $ for 2 doctor appointments and a shot and prescription ointments. Also I tried everything over the counter and I mean like over a half dozen tubes and sprays. I took 5 benadryl pills a day and had to take valium to get any sleep, and still lost sleep due to the itchy pain waking me up every night.
Presription strength triamcinolone aceonide ointment usp 5% from the costco pharmacy worked. At first triamcinolone aceonide triggered an onslaught of agvravated intense inflamation of swelling and hives!!!, but it cleared up like 90% of everything the next day. Without triamcinolone aceonide I have no idea how long it would of taken - a week later my hands were still beat red. (I have lots of gross body pics showing how really bad it all was).
Finally I was given a 1.5 ouncetriamcinolone aceonide tube to deal with inflamation covering my bright red swollen hands, and rash ridden arms, legs, and top of my feet - it was supposed to last 2 weeks and could only be prescribed once a month - I used it all on 15 minutes because 1.5 ounces does not stretch very far - totally against doctor's orders and instructions, but it worked.
Anyhow I give this italian deruta hand soap colllection and will be giving this review to the bbb and file with the attorney general in california because this company needs to be reported:

Home and body company
18352 enterprise lane
Huntington beach, ca 92648

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(If -1 negative stars were a thing... I would seriously rather use gasoline as hand soap over this pretentiously packaged scentless toxic slime.

Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company
Home and Body Company

May 15, 2017
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  • El
      Aug 06, 2018
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    I thought this soap was great. We had zero reactions and I would definitely but t again!

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  • Co
      Jul 14, 2019

    Not sure this is something the company could really control. I don't think they could possibly know what you in particular are allergic to. It sounds to me like a better course of action would be to talk to your doctor about getting to an allergist to determine what you should avoid on your skin in the future. You did mention in your review as well that you know most people would be okay using this, so I think this is more of an unfortunate personal problem.

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  • Ap
      Jul 24, 2019

    I find myself to be super sensitive to most soaps, and have no time had an issue AT ALL with this brand. I love every scent that came in the pack, each very distinct and true to the name of the scent. Sorry you had such a problem, but I think it’s a personal one and not a product issue. Trying to find more soap so I can use it in my cruelty-free place of business! ๐Ÿ˜€

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