Holiday INNrewards program

I am a Rewards member, #[protected], and have a HUGE complaint.

I traveled with my job throughout the US for approximately 18 years, staying at many Holiday Inns during this period, and managed to accumulate nearly 1 million points. I was extremely happy with your rewards program, since you advertised these points would never expire and I would be able to use them for personal travel when I retired.

I retired several years ago, but was not able to use these points due to health issues. My husband and I are doing better health wise now and are contemplating several trips next year, but since I had received no communication from Holiday Inn for quite awhile, I telephoned to see if they had my correct email address (I thought they might still be using my old work email, instead of my personal one). To my horror, the gentleman on the telephone disclosed that not only had you discontinued your "forever points" in 2016, but that you had also taken the almost 1 million points that I had earned over the years, with NO notification or even offering me an option that would allow me to retain the points that I had earned over so many years.

So, you can see why I am very upset. You confiscated my approximately 800, 000 points which I believed could be used for my future travel. Please replace the points back into my account as soon as possible, so I may begin using them.

Thank you for your timely response to my dilemma.

Lonna Jennings

Dec 03, 2018

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