Holiday Inn Express Brownwood TX / bereavement rate denied

My wife and I had spent the day and night at her mothers bedside. She was gravely ill and we watched her take her last breath shortly after midnight. We maintained vigil over her mother until the funeral home came to take her. We needed to stay overnight to finalize arrangements later in the same day. As a Holiday Inn rewards member, I suggested we stay at the Brownwood TX Holiday Inn Express. We walked through the front door at approximately 0230 in the morning. We were told by the night manager that they had already given out their limit of discounted room rates. She did give us a small discount and told us to talk to the day manager when we checked out for the bereavement rate that needed manager approval. 7 hours later, we checked out and asked to speak to the manager. She seemed perturbed that the night manager had given us any discount at all and stated to us "When we are near full capacity, we do not give discounted room rates" I asked if they normally expect people to check in at 0230 in the morning? Her reply "You did". A little compassion goes a long way in times like these. I will no longer choose to stay at any Holiday Inn. I have also edited my corporate travel choices to remove the Holiday Inn as a preferred hotel. The impression given was absolute greed and nothing more. That's fine, your managers have the right to run their hotels as they see fit. I have the right to choose to stay elsewhere.

Apr 06, 2016

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