HMSHost / unethical behavior

My recent visit to Little Rock, Arkansas on 03/30/2016 was quiet a experience. I was there for business as usual and was cutting my trip short to head home to my family. I was at the Little Rock National Airport at the restaurant Whole Hog Cafe, which is an unusally name for a business, but I wanted some BBQ and it was delicious. I was happy with the young lady who took my order, she had a nice name and we laughed because it was not spelled by the way she said it. Mechia was her name. She is a Supervisor and very sweet young lady. Behind Mechia was a very inapproiate conversation between a older white lady and a young black lady. The older white lady was speaking to her employee in a disrespectful manner. This lady was yelling at the employee in front of customers to the point Mechia had to ask me three times for my order because she was distracted by the altercation. She did offer her apologies, but you can tell she and the other staff were very shocked on what was happening. She stated to both of them that their are customers here and they were being loud. They went through some door to finish yelling at each other about whatever it was they were arguing about. I found that to be disturbing and unprofessional. The way the older white lady handled herself was uncalled for and I would not want someone like her managing my employees. This company should really look into finding someone who is more professional. I am quiet sure this is not the first time this lady has received a bad review. This happened about 12:40pm. 03/30/2016.

Apr 09, 2016

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