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We stopped at the New Stanton Travel Plaza on Monday, May 22, 2018 around 1p.m.
Because these are fast food places, we wanted to get gas and a quick meal. After standing in line at Quiznos for 20 minutes, watching only one employee make sandwiches, we gave up, as did 4 other customers.
We then tried Burger King, and although there were a few more employees, the line was even longer. Two people left that line with us.
We went to the little convenience store, which served only soda and junk food. By the time we decided what we wanted, there was also a line of 5 people there.
A few locally-made tuna or ham sandwiches could easily be put in the refrigerators there in place of the fifty different kinds of soda.
We finally decided on ice cream at the Hershey stand, and after 10 minutes, we found the clerk for Hersheys making sandwiches for Quiznos!! We spent over 40 minutes at the plaza getting only junk to eat. If we have to eat fast food, at the very least, it should be fast!! We personally watched 6 customers in addition to ourselves walk away. I am sure countless others did too. It cannot be very good business practice to skimp on staff only to lose business. Even though they were seriously understaffed, all of the staff were very polite and apologetic.
I also will make a complaint to the Pennsylvania Turnpike so that they may reconsider the HMS contract.
The resolution would be to study the traffic patterns, and staff accordingly. The same staff taking orders, should not be making the sandwiches.

May 22, 2018

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