HMSHost / extra plate... which was a plastic basket and a tray liner!

Charlotte, NC, United States

Your $4 "plate sharing" is ###! You charge $4 for a tray liner?! I mean why stop There! I think it should be $25! It's not like it's on the menu anywhere! You should charge $25 per person that looks at the sandwich! It doesn't cost you a dime more! Food sucked anyway! Pork tasted like a pair of gym socks you worked out in all week!

Now I try to leave a complaint and your web site tells me I haven't told you how much of a dump this place was! Ok... so here goes! Food sucked! Would it look someone to dust off the overhead HVAC? Maybe sweep a floor? The benches along the wall have exposed plywood! They just glued the commercial plastic baseboard to It! Stains on the wall!!! I hope you didn't have to pay for this building! Or they at least gave you an economy size bottle of lube with the bill! Is that complaint long enough or should I pick out more reasons why this place is a dump?!

May 4, 2017

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