HMS National Home Warranty / Service is Horrible

Sterling, United States

This home warranty was useless. In June of 2014 I requested service. First they sent a company that didn't service my type of AC unit. Next they sent a company rep. that didn't know how to get the filter off the unit, even though the technician said they worked on these type of units all the time. Then vendor then ignored me for weeks until I e-mailed HMS. HMS assumed the issue had been corrected and had sent me a customer satisfaction survey. REALLY!
After the repairman came out and sprayed some latex type product over the area and left. I was angry and filled in a customer complaint form. A week or so later an HMS customer service rep. called and explained that their repairman was ordering a part and I would be contacted when it came in. This was the middle of August 2014.
Today October 3, 2014 I called HMS to asked them to cancel my contract and issue a refund for the remainder of the contract. They were SORRY about how I'd been treated. They've been SORRY every time I call or e-mail. However they won't refund the remainder of the contract because I've used it. Despite the fact that their vendor did not complete the job and they weren't even aware that the repairs had not been completed. I paid $539 to HMS and have received nothing but a song and dance and a bunch of apologies for my money.

Oct 03, 2014

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