HMS Home Warrantyuncooperative frauds

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Three weeks after purchasing our home the washing machine sprung a leak. No problem, like fools we had purchased the hms masterpeace protection plan for $459.00 with $100.00 deductible... We knew the appliances were older.

My wife, who has much more patience than me... Spent two hours on the phone with various incompetent hms employees who assured her that we did not have the masterpeace plan or any other hms warranty. After moving up the food chain she finally found a person who was able to verify our coverage and assigned a local company to come out and inspect our washing machine. The local contractor (south jersey) has many years of experience and took one look at the machine and told us it was gone. Kaput, the replacement parts would be more than the cost of a new washing machine. He said he'd send a report to hms and we should start looking for a new washer.

Imagine our surprise when hms called and said our claim was denied due to a preexisting condition. We argued that we used the washer for three weeks without a problem and their contractor said we needed a replacement. Read the fine print was the reply.. We reserve the right to make all final decisions regardless of what our contractor recommends.

Hms peacemaker is now at war with me and they will live to regret this criminal act. My last stop will be barack obama, but I suspect we'll have this resolved before I have to make their collective lives miserable... The state of new jersey and my local congressman will be my first stop.

If you are considering this scam of a company... Understand this... I am 56 years old and this is the second complaint posting i've ever written in my life...

Hms home warranty is a complete scam... You have been warned... Help me put these thugs in their proper place... Down in the sewer with the rest of the rodents!


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      Aug 10, 2011

    and 2 years later, things still haven't changed with HMS! The sellers of my house purchased it for me (thank goodness I didn't) and it's been a joke. They have claimed everything is either "not included in the warranty, " or "they only cover mechanical items, " or like you said, "pre-existing condition." Stay away from HMS folks, far away!

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      Mar 15, 2014

    Lets be honest here, you got the policy because you heard you can get everything for free and when that doesn't happen, its a lie, they are sewer rats, in actuality you are the rat you got it well knowing what you had and were trying to exploit the system, down the toilet with you, i say

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