HMS Home Warranty / HMS National / Cinch Home Servicesservice not provided by company hired by hms

On Friday, Nov. 30, I contacted HMS because my daughter's furnace quit working. They set me up with a company called Comfort Zone Heating and Air in Toledo. I was asked to call this company to confirm the service date. It was late Friday, so I got the company's answering service. I was told someone would call me back Saturday morning, and that they opened at 7:30. I waited until almost 8:30 am and called again. I still got the answering service and was told again that she would ask someone to call. I called two more times on Saturday and no one called back. HMS showed on my info that Comfort Zone was scheduled to come on Sunday between 9 and 5. No one showed up. I called HMS Sunday evening to complain. He called Comfort Zone and was told they didn't work on Sundays! My daughter and family had at that point been without heat for two nights, and they were now going to have to wait another night. I told the rep to cancel with Comfort Zone, which probably wasn't necessary since they obviously weren't going to show anyway! I said we would find someone reputable ourselves to do the work. This was really upsetting, not only for the lack of service but because we paid HMS $443.88 to make sure we would only have to pay the $125 deductible if we needed service. We called a local company this morning (Monday) who has done work on our home before. They were there within an hour to do the work. What good is it to have HMS when the company they hire won't do the work? You should remove Comfort Zone from your list of qualified repair services!

Dec 03, 2018

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