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H&M / racial complaint

1 OAKBROOK, IL, United States Review updated:

I will officially stop shopping at h&m period. And why? Yesturday [protected]) I was doing some christmas shopping and some worker (Male and black) was following me and my cousin around like we where going to be stealing. I didnt even notice untill my cousin told me he was following us. Horrible feeling. After that I was getting really aggravated and mad and told my cousin lets just buy whatever we have and leave, once we did they came up to us *outside* and told us that they need to check our bags because suppostly the alarm went off and they probably forgot to remove a tag (Bulls*t) no alarm everrrrrrr went off and h&m do not have any type of tag to remove, and after that it was ovious we didnt steal anything (We have more money that he would ever see in his life) and told us sorry for the inconvenience, sure whatever. I will defenetly be returning these clothes because that was really really stupid and very #*g unprofessional, where do they get these so call workers from? Send them back from where you got them from before they run short!!

H&m is officially a piece of [censored] store and will never everrrrrrrr shop there and will defenetly be telling family and friends not to do there christmas shopping there again..

By the was costumer service phone number sucksssssss they never answer me!!!

This h&m store is located over at 466 oakbrook center oak brook il 60523 (Do not shop there or you will be follow around for no reason like a criminal!! H&m sucks more than a males private parts!

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  • Sh
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Oh my... what a complaint. Sorry doll but you need to grow up. If you had a problem with how you were treated why not ask for a manager? better yet why state here that you are going to go back to return merchandise to a store that has treated you so badly? Maybe you guys were acting suspicious, maybe another customer mentioned the two of you, who the hell knows but dont assume you have more money than someone will ever see, that is just rude and sounds like you are racially biased, since you felt the need to mention his skin color and that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in your complaint. Also the foul language is really not needed to get your point across. Just makes you look immature and stupid. Be grown and handle your problem like a big girl.

  • Ke
      24th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Shannon looks like you probably never been follow, better yet you act like a virgen how the ### your gonna say LANGUAGE makes me look IMMATURE and STUPID like you never said bad ### about ppl when your mad. PLEASE. I can sy what ever the ### i want when ever the ### and how ever THE ### i want PERIOD. I had to say what color his dumb ### skin was to put my point across, YES, APPARENTLY you don't like the racial card to be pulled but guess what IT HAPPENS a lot and NO i was not acting suspicious and if ONLY you knew where i work i get paid more than he does and i would BET my bank account money on that. Why would i wanna talk to a damn manager when i know wtf their gonna say, "oh im really sorry" like thats gonna make me feel better, PLEASEEEEE. I called the TERRIBLE HORRIBLE complaint line and still fail to get across due to bad service. So next time you wanna get on his black ### side for doing that ###, like he has the right DONT THEY GOT CAMERAS? Apparently they dont and they SHOULD so they wont get slap next time. And why would i go back to the store that treated me bad? How stupid can you be? seriously? how? to get my money back cause that money PAYS his paycheck that looks all depress every 2 weeks. Im not gonna make H&M richer. I didnt say ima go back and shop and spend time and money did i? NO i said ima go back and return the crap i bought and leave cause if i was to see him again and he was to pull that same stunt again TRUST and BELIEVE he BETTER have some type of back up cause i would at the end feel sorry for who EVER loves that boy. AND I WISH you get follow and stopped and have your bags checked just so you can say the same thing you said right now and i bet you anything you would be talking like a ignorant stupid person... GOOD BYE and have a w/e day!!!

  • Sh
      29th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Wow .. Like I said .. Language says it all... for an educated, well paid person your typing skills need some work and your grammar, well that speaks for itself. I would have to agree with madC. If you look and act guilty... then you probably are. So you have have a good weekend too.

  • Th
      13th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    He had to be a ### didnt he!

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