H&M / majorly messed up order

United States

H&M does not make the slightest effort to proved dependable shipping and customer service. They're like the Comcast of online clothing. They have got some very dumb and borderline mentally autistic people working in shipping and CS.

1. I ordered a jacket and shirt for a Christmas ​present a week before the holiday.
​2. Had the items shipped 1500 miles away for where we were all going to do Christmas with the family.
3. When I got to the family home 1500 miles from my home, there were no packages from H&M.
​4. H&M screwed up and sent them to my clearly marked billing address AND ran my credit card via the shipping address.!!! I had no idea how inept this company was! It gets WORSE!
​5. So H&M ruined Christmas by confusing billing and shipping addresses. I got home January 1st & dealt with the items BUT...
​6. H&M shipped a completely wrong jacket, ripping me off - and even though I went along with their "sizing chart" the "large" shirt I bought for a guy who wears 33 jeans, looked like a belly shirt on him. It looked asinine. He's not even a big boy.
​7. I sent it all back and now it's been 3 weeks and I haven't hear d a peep from H&M.

​Here we are over a month past Christmas and I am still waiting on Christmas presents I bought that H&M royally f'd up. And what are they offering me... a 25% discount? I'd like a chance to kick an H&M CEO, actually. A discount to shop some more at a company of incompetents? GTFO here.

Jan 27, 2015

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