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Posted: Sep 15, 2017 by    

2 degrees: the point of no return

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I can't believe that you would televise a show in support of Global warming. If you did your homework you would see there is no concrete evidence that this is going on. What you are doing is fear mongering. I will no longer support or watch your channels. You should be ashamed of yourselves for getting politically involved and taking Such a Ridiculous stand!
Updated by Richard Byrne, Sep 19, 2017
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D  15th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
This person is truly ignorant of the situation... We listen to meteorologists when bad weather is expected even though it's blue skies outside. The same people are saying the climate is changing and we play a significant role. Here's what the Weather Channel posted when our President decided to pull out of the Paris Accord: https://weather.com/science/environment/news/paris-climate-deal-accord
Watch this show -- try to understand the issues -- and know that 99% of meteorologists (and yes I am one) are on-board with this -- and most of all make your vote count!
A  15th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
Watching 2degrees. How sad that you broadcast this garbage. Assuming the premise is true do we attack china to stop them from building a coal fired power plant every week? As someone who routinely works all summer on the rooftops in Phoenix AZ where the average daily temp up there is 125-130f I want to point out I haven't died and I'm 47!!! What alarmist garbage. You should be ashamed for scaring the kids and less informed people that believe you. Btw I have yet to hear any mention of the sun which actually controls the temperature of this planet..
D  15th of Sep, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Global warming is happening but some of the facts that are presented are incorrect. Most of the power from Hoover Dam goes to California not Las Vegas. Water is the biggest problem but most of the water used in Nevada is treated an returned to the river system while most of the water is wasted in California. Nevada cities are ahead of schedule on renewable power and if checked we use less water per person than our neighbors.
A  15th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
What a bunch of garbage. Like watching cartoons. I am all for discussion on this subject and what we can do to make this world a better place, but this show is just pure speculation and fear mongering. Go back to the UFO's. History Channel should rename itself to Ripley's Believe It or Not!!! Shame on you.
A  16th of Sep, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Did anyone watch the same show as I did? I learned about this possibility 40 years ago in High School. Why is everyone acting like you're making it up? Even the most intelligent response misquoted the show, confusing the Hoover Dam role in Las Vegas as a water source rather than an electrical source.
I've been paying attention and have realized for several years that we've put our comfort ahead of our survival. I believe we're in real danger and alarmingly close to the point of no return.
I'd like to thank the History Channel for caring enough to try and wake up the public. The facts are easy to find if they take the time to look.
Though this show made me sick to my stomach thinking of the life my grandchildren might have, I know it's not too late to change the outcome. I just wonder if anyone else cares enough to do what's necessary to stop this because it won't be easy. I love my family enough to give up whatever I need to in order to avert disaster.
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -5 Votes
@SClucy 40 years ago? Back then it was all about Global Cooling!! But I see that they are even lying about that now and saying it's just a myth and that never happen which works on the young people I guess but for us that were alive back then... we know better...well at lest some of us apparently. Despite all the revisionist history, people that are too young to have lived during that time can still research it along with all of the other hysterical stuff about the climate going all the way back to the late 1800's by looking through the old newspaper archives. Nothing new just some people trying to take advantage of other people as they always have for their own political or financial or emotional greed. Ridiculous shows like "2 Degrees: The point of no return" or"An Inconvenient Sequel" is no different and does a huge disservice to any real level headed climate scientists that are wanting to have a realistic discussion about climate change. Shows like this along with greedy people like Al Gore only serve to hurt that discussion and drive common sense people away while needlessly scaring others!
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -3 Votes
@SClucy I'm sorry but what you were taught in high school forty years ago was entirely wrong. Do some research!
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Tim Long I had a science teacher who saw this coming. He never believed the cooling theory. He saw the changes, that did occur, as the Earth's last attempt to right itself. History proves that the Earth does this from time to time. From all I've read, we're just causing it to happen faster.
I'm glad the History Channel did this. We should be scared. We abuse this planet and actually believe it will last forever.
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Richard Byrne Please read my other reply regarding my education. I have been researching this for years. I have read several hundred articles, attended several symposiums, and have spoken with quite a few scientists both online, and in person. You?
N  17th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@SClucy This being the internet we can be anyone we choose to be! Your education, on this issue, may be true or made up! Posting does not require us to verify exactly who we are and what our credentials really are. Me? What exactly do you want to hear?
A  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -2 Votes
"2 Degrees: The point of no return"
A horrible hysterical propaganda film full of exaggerated BS and falsehoods that takes advantage of ignorant people and unnecessary scares the crap out of them. This is the kind of stuff that drives real climate science professionals crazy as it does far more harm than good for the realistic discussion of climate change. Shame on the so called History channel!! People who study history know how ridiculous you are!! Shame!!
A  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
Agreed im watching it now and honestly its BS because its like funny nobody knows if this will be legit in 100 years or not. Im already pissed about ancient aliens I mean really? I dont believe in god but to say aliens did everything is absolutely stupid its a mystery how we came to beard the more we grow the smarter we become its not because of aliens and we're already trying to find ways to stop global warming all we have to do is keep finding better ways to be energy efficient.
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -3 Votes
@Melanie Hauff I meant be my auto correct put the wrong word
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
cant believe that History Channel told everyone that Las Vegas gets its power from Hoover dam
when its
less than 3%

dont they have all these shows here :
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and they think we
D  16th of Sep, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Thank you for broadcasting this show. It is a sobering depiction of the effects of global warming. If you live in Calif, Texas, Fla, or Louisiana you've already seen the hazardous effects of warming. We can do something now to "mitigate" the impact or stay in denial . Sticking your head in the sand will not resolve the problems that we are already facing as a result of warming. It's too bad that only the "educated" have any concerns. The rest of you can go ahead and drown or burn up. I will not mourn your loss because I don't care about stupid people who refuse to open their eyes and ears and prepare for the disasters. I'm only concerned about those working toward solutions. Go back to your Monday night football and beer and enjoy your remaining time while you have it. The rest of us will continue to work toward solutions that might save your sorry [censor].
D  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -2 Votes
I'm amazed at the level of ignorance of climate change deniers - to bad we all have to suffer from their ignorance.
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Dan Slaby Great example of how silly and unreasonable some people can get!! NO one here so far at least is denying that the climate changes or is changing yet there you are crying about our supposed ignorance...roll eyes... .your far more of a danger to yourself than anything else!
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -2 Votes
@Tim Long I agree! I think Dan is suffering from his own ignorance! If you are using Al Gore as your source I can see why you think the way you do!
N  17th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@Dan Slaby Climate change science and climate change politics are two different things. I believe in protecting our planet, but I do not believe in the "throw me more money" politics. Nor do I believe in mass hysteria Bull. If you give me facts, I will listen. If they give me conjecture, fake science, and hysteria, they are only hurting the cause, just like Gore in his lie of a book.
D  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
Yes I think the earth has been warming since the last ice age, and probably is still warming, until the next ice age. History Channel you should be a shame. The oceon are rising because every time you put another boat in your bathtub, it rises and we added a lot of boats. Ha Ha
N  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
The problem with it was that it went well over the line of Hysteria with it's depiction of Global Warming's effects. Also it showed things happening one at a time, instead of it happening at once like many scientists have been saying it will happen. Also it makes humans look stupid, like we woun't find a way to handle this stuff and adapt to it.

To be honest, ABC's 'Earth: 2100' was more realistic in showing what would happen. 'Two Degrees' was nothing more the a scare tactic and something to boast ratings for History Channel.
D  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -2 Votes
More BS climate change scare tactics. Yes, you should educate yourself, but you need to go back more than last week. There is ZERO proof of any link between man and temperature changes- temperatures were warmer 2000 years ago than now, and there wasn't a car, jet airplane or factory anywhere. Showing all crops failing, people killing each other for a can of food, and the seas flooding the world makes you look stupid, and doesn't help you convince anyone. I'm cancelling my History Channel on line account too - the Cartoon Network is already included with my cable TV.
A  16th of Sep, 2017 by    -2 Votes
Let me see if I understood this show correctly... they said the reason Mt. Rainer is silent is because the ice cake of the glacier holds the magma back? Really? Is anyone on earth stupid enough to believe that garbage?
N  10th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
This fictional movie is more like propaganda for Bozeman, MT and Intellectual Ventures.

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