Hilton / Worst hotel experience

1 5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 310-410-6200

I pulled into the driveway and was greeted by an attendant. I told him I was checking in and was planning to return my car to Hertz. He informed me about the Hertz emerald drop-off desk and drop box. At no time was I informed to move the vehicle or where I parked was inappropriate. They never asked about my keys. I proceed inside to check into the hotel.

My son came into the hotel running towards me upset stating" I told them to get out of the car, He would not get out of the car. I was in the car he would not get out of the car." I ran to my car yelling to get out of the car. I received intentional physical contact by Hilton employee without my consent. I was surrounded by Hilton employees in an attempt to intimidate me. A Hilton employee restrained me from closing the car door. I could not find my phone and demanded my phone. I was instructed that security was going to be called to which I demand they and the police be called. A manager came out with security and I demanded they contact the Police. They mentioned for me to hold off and they could see what would be worked out.

I checked into the hotel. I asked for a manager come assist in getting my luggage out of the car. The manager was different fro the first manager. I took my car to the car rental location and returned to the hotel. I met the second manager upon returning and he stated that this was going to be a training issue for the company. He repeatedly apologized for the actions of the others and this would be a training issue only. I viewed the tape with the manager and pointed out issues I had with the employees.

They asked to conduct an investigation but they failed to in consideration any of my facts.

The facts are simple:
They finally admitted that I did not park wrong, and the vehicle did not need to be moved.
They were never provided keys to the vehicle.
They entered the car with my 15 year old son in it and found my keys in the center console.
The started the car and locked the doors. They locked my son in a car with a stranger while my son pleaded for them to get out of the car.
They keep saying sorry but this was a misunderstanding.
He misstated facts that would have been proven non-factual if he only reviewed the tape and conducted a proper investigation.

Dec 27, 2014

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