Hilton Grand Vacationsfee

I made a reservation at a Hilton Hotel and was transferred unwittingly to an operator at Hilton Grand Vacations. Before I knew it I had been conned into paying $349 down (50%) on a HGV trip to Hawaii. A few weeks later I discovered I could not go but they refused to pay my money back. Here is a company that has provided 0 service, 0 goods, and never told me that the fee was non-refundable. I will fight this till I get it back and everyone on social media will know about it--I have over 5, 000 followers on Twitter. I will complain to BBB, and I will cancel my Hilton Honors account that I have had for 20+ years, and never stay at another Hilton. What a bunch of crooks. Of course, with Paris Hilton being their slutty spokesperson what do you expect?

Dec 06, 2018

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