HiFi Corppoor customer service

I purchased a Sansui 32 inch led t.v on the 23rd February 2017. I took it back to the store i bought it from on the 15 April 2017 due to the picture on the screen that was upside down. It was booked in for repairs exactly three weeks ago and I still have not received my t.v . I've been to the store a few times to follow up and iv'e been calling, to this day all they've been telling me is the technician is looking at the t.v . The service department don't communicate at all if I don't inquire and now it seem to me like they not bothered about helping me they have my money so I must just wait it's not their problem. They have my t.v almost as long as I had it at home so now I have paid for an item that I don't have in my possession because it is faulty. If it was any other store they would have swopped the item around no questions asked because it does not take a rocket scientist to see that it was a factory fault on my t.v

May 05, 2017

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