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Hewlett Packard Pavillion 6000 Laptop / warranty, extended warranty useless

1 Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

A year ago I bought a HP 6000 laptop so my son could use it in college. Since then it has been nothing but trouble. He has returned it for repair three times, had his college work destroyed when the computer overheated, and been without a laptop for six out of 12 months

Now that I have contacted Hewlett Packard, for the fourth time, they say the laptop's warranty has run out and that they will not repair or replace this faulty product.

We bought what we thought was a high-end product, at a high price and have had nothing but trouble with it.

Hewlett Packard's policy seems to be to drag out repairs until after their products are out of warranty and then tell their customers, too bad, you're no longer covered.

My son even thought he had covered himself by purchasing a three-year warranty, but even that isn't worth the paper it is written on.

I am now about to buy a new laptop computer for my own use, and after Hewlett Packard's runaround, although I had picked out one of their latest models--now I will look for another company.

At the same time, it looks like I am going to have to buy another laptop for my son to use in college. As if a retiree (me) can afford to just throw money away.

There should be a "lemon law" for computers which would protect consumers from being scammed this way with products that fail over and over a few months after you buy them and against manufacturers who laugh at you when you call for their help.

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  • Ia
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Dear One,
    My HP notebook is only 20 months old. She still has the protective covering. I have also got the same runaround from Hewlet Packard. She was just returned unfixed as I was told by two different bosses that the internal parts that were probably broken in the machine at the factory were not covered and wanted $425.00 to fix my $1000 computer. I had also bought the warranty thinking that HP would cover it. I only thought that if you had small children who would spill something or drop the laptop would need the accidental policy. My children are grown and that laptop, my mitzva- my blessing, has been babied since her arrival.
    Her problems started in the first two weeks of ownership. Total meltdown- no data survived.
    I have been a HP customer since home PC's started and have owned many, many HP's during my life. Instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt, they claim my machine is damaged, that I did not damage it, it's back home with nothing done to help the situation. This is the first HP I've ever asked for help correcting damage that I did not cause to a 20 month old machine. I had been a former HP customer for many years and vow to never again purchase another machine of the Hewlett Packard or Compact Line of products. I agree- the warranty is useless and we deserve protection against lemon electronics.
    Tamaro McAfee

  • Fe
      11th of Jul, 2015
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    Today I had to return a HP 6435 printer due to a software problem. The printer kept notifying me that I had a toner (ink) problem. After two new HP cartridges for two colors and another for the third color, the printer still notified me I had an ink problem. I returned the printer for an HP 5745 and tried to install. No luck. I contacted HP through its contact, and "JASON" got on the phone. After accessing my system He informed me that I had a PC problem that he could solve for $99.99 that would take 4-5 hours of scanning my system. I informed him that I had a service agreement with HP but he indicated this was not covered by that agreement. I hung up. I switched from wireless to USB connection and installed the software and got the printer up and running. You can bet my current HP PC and HP printer will be replaced in the future with another vendor's products. HP, bon voyage!!! An old computer hacker

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