Hermes / miss delivery

London, AR, United States

Hello my name is stoycho nachev rm82fa 403 i wairing my delivary 4 day i try to speck with manager company twll ne menager call you after 4 h this be before 3 days today same story today i need send in morning delivary to difrent country noting in moment i give you 2 choise full rifun conpensacion my delivary + you pay for international delivary becouse of you i miss ship + full rifun i my phone number i call you 4 time this is charge me
Option 2 call my lawer make conplain in a cord its you choise i dont like scam conpany i pay for good servece not for fake i give you 24 h for tommorow give my answer if not i use option thanks

Jun 22, 2017

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