Hermes / items do not arrive ever

United Kingdom

This courier so far has failed to deliver 6 items that have been order over 18 months, the one that they did manage to order was a repeat for the original that had been stolen like the others, when it arrived the top had ben cut open and most of the contents had been taken. Customer Services are utter crap, and fit in the with the rest of the crap that this company is built upon. They never reply to emails, and head of CS is gutless and never actually wants to speak to you, or even apologies for the dreadful service that they provide. So, do yourself a favour, make sure when you buy goods online that this courier isn't used for the delivery. Pay a bit extra and get someone honest and reliable to deliver your goods, other wise it a case of stress, worry, aggravation and even maybe a heart attack. JUST DONT GO THERE

Feb 12, 2015

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