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Do not use this company!!! They are absolutly horrible and I am almost finished with a fight with them through the better business bureau. This has gone on for 8 months now. If you need assistance with your fight I will be glad to help

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      2nd of Mar, 2011
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    Utah county, state of utah is one of the leading places nationwide in white collar crimes that go un-prosecuted due to a lack of funding and allocated resources.

    The utah county attorney cannot or will not investigate nor prosecute a crime without a police report. once they receive a report, they must choose which cases to pursue. nsf checks payable to employees or consumers are low on the list. they refer the lack of payment of wages to the utah labor commission. they refer the nsf check to customers to their local police department. the local police department refers the victim to the police department where the business does business, which in this case is provo police department.

    Consumers must file a police report before the county attorney can even consider the case regarding the taking of funds from account without authorization, the promise to deliver services and the keep of funds paid even though the services are never delivered or delivered satisfactorily.

    The utah county, provo police department discourages the filing of police reports, claiming that the victim has to prove intent. they have also informed individuals that they can take the report, but that the county attorney will just send it back to them and do nothing.

    The attorney generals office gives out this response:

    “thank you for writing to the utah attorney general's office. the attorney general’s office is counsel to the state agencies. a case would have to be referred by a state agency in order for this office to get involved as we can only advise our client agencies. the labor commission is a state agency and they would have to refer a case to our office in order for us to get involved and we would represent them in court.

    I trust you will find this helpful.”

    The bbb take reports, it does not resolve them nor does it possess any authority to do anything about the complaints. it has been under investigation for buy outs for improved ratings, though this company has the lowest rating it can get. filing a complaint with the bbb make the complaints available to anyone using the bbb as a reference, however the marking of the complaint as resolved does not necessary mean to the satisfaction of the consumer.

    Employees who have not been paid:

    You can continue to work for the company and file a wage claim. if you have not been paid, we encourage you to really think about why you work for free. the claim that you will not get paid any faster if you file a wage claim is simply not addition to your wages, you will also be entitled to receive ½ of the 5% daily penalty. you can contact the division of labor at 801-530-6801 if you have any questions. you can fax it for $0.98 at even if you work outside he state of utah, you should file your wage claim with the utah division of labor as the company is within its legal jurisdiction. other rules may apply to your state, we suggest that you contact your states labor division for any questions.

    If you live in utah you can file for unemployment benefits for just cause of non-payment of wages. a partial wage is not a full wage and therefore qualifies as non-payment of wages. contact the utah unemployment services at 801-373-4067 or apply on line at you will need to register for work through the department of workforce services at

    The unemployment office will tell you that they need to review your case before making a decision to see if you qualify. you should be aware that the unemployment claims of those who have left this company for non-sufficient fund payroll checks and/or, non payment of payroll have been approved. there is usually a 1 week delay before benefits begin. the amount of benefits that you may receive is determined on a case by case basis. you may speak with a representative of the utah unemployment services to help you determine the amount of benefits you will receive.

    Many employees who have left the company have found new jobs and are much happier due to the elimination of the stress of not know if or when they will be paid.

    Consumers that have not received the product or are dissatisfied with the service:

    You may file a civil suite for failure to deliver services/product in a timely and workmanlike manner with the utah county justice court. the small claims court address is:

    310 west center street
    Provo, ut 84601

    Main telephone: (801) 852-6878
    Main fax: (801) 494-1091

    Forms are available at


    Filing fees

    Small claims
    $2, 000 or less (1) (c) (i) 60.00
    Greater than $2, 000 and less than $7, 500 100.00
    Greater than $7, 500 and less than $10, 000 185.00

    Amounts over $10, 000.00 are filed through a civil proceeding in the utah county district court, located in provo utah.

    If you live out of state or cannot travel to appear in court, contact the court and request to appear telephonically. you must appear either in person or over the phone. if you fail to appear the your case may be dismissed.

    Contact your credit card company and file a claim for reimbursement of non-deliver of a product. ask for a new credit card to prevent any further payments for being debited.

    If you used a debit card, contact your financial institution and request a stop payment on any transaction from this company. request that your account number be changed due to unauthorized debits.

    Keep in mind that this company will use the contract against refunding any payments.

    The (tos) terms of service that states

    7. intellectual property policy

    Domain names purchased by hit and website designs, databases, stores, or programs created by hit are the property of hit until client has paid all fees including one full year of monthly hosting. (see domain names purchase/hosting agreement

    11. completion timeframes
    Client understands, agrees and acknowledges that hit does not guarantee a time frame for completion of any website.

    34. cancellation fee and refund policy

    Minimum cancellation fee – client agrees that a minimum cancellation fee of 50% will be retained by hit on all cancelled accounts even if no work has been started.

    100% cancellation fee will be retained and no refund will be issued by hit if client cancels after 90 days from the initial sale

    No refund will be issued on any website cancelled after services have been rendered, including but not limited to, the design work having been completed and/or the website taken live.

    Beware of any contract that states:
    • cancellation fee of 50%.
    • does not guarantee a time frame for completion.
    • no refund after 90 day of initial sale.

    Such a company is not under any pressure to perform, they postpone the work as long as they like and then claim that it is past the 90 days and you are not entitled to a refund. there are plenty of developers out there that will not have you sign a contract such a contract. an ethical company would provide a full refund, if services are not rendered, they would also deliver a product to the full satisfaction of the purchaser.

    Be advised that this company does not own the web servers that the sites are hosted on. at present they lease the server space through fibernet, they use freeware os and server software. their contract locks you into payment of one year of web hosting through them or you do not own your site.

    This contract is too one sided and not for mutual benefit of all the parties. stay away from it.

    Other information:

    This company owes more than 8.5 million in taxes running back to 2006. they owe approximately $340, 000.00 in back wages with a bimonthly payroll of $120, 000.00 or $240, 000.00 per month. plus they have a judgment against them for $44, 000.00 from aetna health. they have no assets and lease a run down bowling alley.

    They receive an estimated $600, 000.00 in monthly merchant transactions.

    The inside set up resembles a boiler room. it does not presently look like the pictures on its site. it is fairly dark inside because most of the lights are off. carpet is torn and unclean. the treatment of its employees has been described like a sweat shop. several employees have lost everything and have become homeless due to the non-payment of wages.

  • Ge
      10th of Mar, 2011
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    You can file a claim with the provo, ut police department. they are taking reports and/or complaints against hit web design for any fraud or scam activity. you can ask for officer dick or sgt. crosby - 801-852-6231 I just filed my claim and received a case number. when I called and mentioned hit web design they already knew about the company & complaints that have been coming in. I did my part to see justice served. I hope you will do the same. good luck

    Provo, ut police department
    801-852-6210 or

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