Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG]it isn't that hard to follow up on a fax

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They will call everyday to get money, but when your bill has been cleared as it was a mistake in the first place and you over pay and send a check and see from a printed bank statement when and where it was cashed and have to send a fax of the printed copy, they are taking over a week just to confirm that they received a fax.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cincinnati, OHI have to call at the end of the week and hope they actually received it. I have a feeling they will say they never received it and then I will have to re-fax it and wait what another 2 weeks? This is ridiculous.
I am just trying to get my refund of $448.91. I sent a cashiers check issued 3/07/17 and it was cashed 3/20/17 through a fifth third bank. The check number is [protected] made out to HRRG on behalf of Kara Milbrandt.

May 03, 2017
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  • Ri
      Aug 30, 2018

    This place is very bad news. Calling me daily with automated robo messages to contact THEM!

    Who is the victim of this? Sadly, its ME. Again I owe NO medical bills to any hospital or healthcare provider.

    "HRRG Collections" AKA "Healthcare Recovery Group" & their parent company "Team Health" are harassing innocent people like myself for no reason.

    I have read that contacting them for removal of my number will only escalate these " Automated CALLS".
    Their is no email listed on their site for "Support/Help".


    Whenever you call any Toll-Free Number, You Cannot Block YOUR Number. *67 prior to the call Will NOT BLOCK YOUR NUMBER ON ANY TOLL-FREE CALL..This is because that company is paying for your call. Most people are not aware of this. Therefore the best way to contact any company is to call their LOCAL/Non Toll-Free Number & *67 before placing the call. Too bad but finding a local number for most companies is nearly impossible.

    If I had a way to BLOCK my number, I would call them & get a feel for their attitude before confirming my number. Yes, I realize they have it already, I know...but again, they will probably assume I am their debtor & verbally abuse me (their victim) thus harass me even further. It seems like a no win situation, aside from legal action on my part.

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