Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG]dr katherine harvey

Dr Harvey is an attending physician at St Marys Hospital in West Palm Beach as well as her other practices. In May of 2018 I had a bad laceration on my hand that needed emergency medical treatment. I went to St Mary ER and was given a tetanus shot and four sutures. I explained at triage that my medical insurance was not set to take effect for two weeks, so I would be paying out of pocket. I was seen by a great R.N. and given the tetanus shot and was given the sutures by an equally amazing P.A. I was discharged and told I would receive a bill in the mail. Two months later I received a call from a company called "HRRG" asking for very personal information over the phone like my full Social Security number, and being terribly rude and unprofessional. Eventually I received a letter from HRRG stating they were trying to collect a $1, 580 medical debt for Dr Katherine Harvey for medical treatment while at St Mary ER. I tried explaining numerous times, to numerous people that I had already received a $1, 600 bill from the Hospital and that I was never treated by a physician. The response I received was "The Doctor works there and tell the nurses and assistants what ti do, so you have to pay her no matter what." I thought there had to be a mistake. I finally got to speak to manager in HRRG, and after I explained what the issue was, she told me she understood and that she would take care of it. Two months later I got a letter in the mail from HRRG. They offered me a settlement of $441. I went online and made a payment. Three days later I received a phone call from HRRG telling me I had to pay them $331 immediately or the debt would return to the original amount, and it would be reported as debt in collections. So basically pay or owe an additional $1, 000 and have your credit damaged...
Dr Harvey is part of a group pf physicians that own HRRG. So if you happen to not have any medical ins, but need emergency medical treatment at an ER; you go in and get treated and then charged an egregious amount of money for EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT YOU NEED. WITH NO WAY OF KNOWING HOW MUCH THE BILL WILL BE AFTER. With the caveat being that you will owe Dr Harvey, and HRRG will be there to harass you, threaten you and be rude ll while doing it.

Does that sound very ethical? Doesn't to me.

Dec 03, 2018

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