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This website will automatically enroll you in a reorder program that will bill you for the product and will not refund anything. If you don’t want to be scammed out of money then steer clear from this site. They stated I selected to be in the program but when I asked to produce my order indicating so they could not. They also didn’t respond to any emails with actual names of who replied. I have sent this product back and will never use this business again. They mention money back guarantee which is false advertising as for this scam service they don’t give you your money back irregardless of whether you selected or not.

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  • Ro
      Oct 19, 2008

    What about a class action suit? I had the same thing happen to me! I'm sure there are many more!!! I am working with my credit company to remove the charges.

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  • Ju
      Oct 14, 2009

    I got caught by this too. I ordered a free trial of pills and got charged $13.90 for shipping to the UK. I then got another charge of $99.95 for the lifetime supply which I wasn't aware I had ordered. I can't get my money back because they say I didn't cancel within 14 days but this bit is hidden on the page where you put your credit card details in and by that time you are not reading any other information because you think you're read it all. It's a very clever scam and yes I beleive fraudulent but they are getting away with it, just my stupidity for not reading every word on every page but who does. Perhaps there are some out there who do. There is nothing that I can see in their terms and conditions though they keep saying it's in there. I've had to put it down to a learning experience. Goodness knows what can be done about these companies who scam you out of your money but I suppose the watch word here is READ EVERYTHING. I know this is what I should have done and have learnt from it but I have been in email contact with them but can't get anywhere. I spoke to my credit card company and they can't help either since it does state that I have entered into a lifetime subscription for this one off payment of $99.95. Needless to say I shall not be purchasing anything from them anymore and will let all my friends, and family know about this scam and hopefully everyone will get to hear about it sooner or later.

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  • Jo
      Oct 02, 2010

    I agree with you, I wouldn't say we are people who are stupid, its just that we are not used to being ripped of by others. We buy things thinking that we are getting a good deal for our money, this company Health Buy has apparently been doing this for many years, they have been legally challenged, but they win because they say its in the term and conditions in the small print, they make it hard for people to contact them because if they have 100 complaint at $100, doesn't have to be long before its a tidy sum of money they have got for nothing.

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  • De
      Jul 20, 2015

    I just hung up my phone after 'talking" for over 1 hour to an agent named VICTORIA . I had a pop up after making legitimate purchases that stated I was entitled to a free gift of a quit smoking product for $4, 99 for shipping and handling Approximately 1 week later I received the product I have not opened it I then received an email that $149 was billed to my credit card for MEMBERSHIP fees I did not sign any contract or authorize this to my credit card I then called Customer Service it took over 45 minutes for her to give me a website "THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT SITES" was her repeated answer She offered to do me a favor and refund 1/2 of my membership fee to CANCEL a membership I never ordered I repeatedly asked what I would get for my $75 and was told the CANCELLATION was what I was getting. I was placed on hold multiple times without her informing me of this I then told her "I will not hang up until this is removed from my CC. This did not stop her from putting me on hold I was told there was NO MANAGER to talk to Victoria would not give me the name of the company she worked for Just "CUSTOMER SERVICE" After telling her I had a witness to the conversation and over an hour of insistence on my part I was told the full $149 would be removed from my CC I am in hopes that this will actually happen but plan to call my CC and stop any payment. If this happens to you DO NOT HANG UP Keep insisting I also told her I would invest money for an attorney and I would write to the BB I am still not sure I have been successful But PLEASE do not accept any FREE TRIAL offer from this company This is a huge SCAM I would not receive anything for the $149 but a MEMBERSHIP which she would not give me a site to go to to clarify what that would entitle me to These customer service agents are trained well They just continue to repeat themselves and offer no actual information I offered to return the product and pay the shipping myself Was informed "this would not matter"
    Now I will wait If you have a dispute do not hang up, keep insisting that there was no authorization to use your CC and have a witness
    I will post later if CS agent Victoria keeps her word This was very stressful I have always known "Nothing is free" but thought this was a promotional gimmick so you would be a return consumer I also thought it was connected to my other purchases BE WARE of anything from this company!!!

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