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Haynes Furniture Company / Stay away from Haynes!

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On December 31, 2005, my wife and I, aged 49 and 53 respectfully, went to the Haynes Furniture Store in Newport News, VA to shop for additional furniture for our new house. The sales ad attracted us because it said "no payments, no interest for 2 years". This lured us in. Our money was real tight and we needed to set up our new house. We figured we could pay it off within the 2 year timeframe, at OUR convenience.

We explained to the salesman why we were there and he was delighted. If we told him once, we told him a thousand times, that we were there because of the "no payment" part. He agreed and said we don't have to worry, he'd take care of us. My wife picked out $6,000 worth of furniture. The salesman wrote down each piece as fast as she picked it out. When we were finished, he completed the paperwork and said he was going to the credit department to confirm the order. When he returned, he said we'd have to put down 20% to lock in this good deal. I gave him my credit card. They charged $1,200 towards my account. We had to wait while the final paperwork was done. It took about an hour. When the salesman came back in he presented our bill of sale to us. He explained, and pointed out, the finance charges that would occur if the bill wasn't paid for in 2 years. I said I understood. He asked me to initial the finance statement and sign the bottom of the bill. I did and we left, happy with our shopping experience.

Five weeks later I received a bill in the mail from the Home Furnishing Credit Company, a subsidiary of Haynes Furniture. I called them immediately to explain a mistake had been made. They said to check my contract. It requires a minimum payment. I did and, to my complete amazement, at the end of the finance charge statement, hidden in the corner was the words "Min payment required". This was not deal my wife and I signed on for.

I contacted the store salesman, who has selective amnesia, and then the store manager. The store manager was more helpful than the salesman but claims the credit department wouldn't change the salesman's screwup. She was sorry. Now we're stuck with a monthly payment that puts our finances in a tighter bind.

Haynes Furniture is a complete ripoff. They lure you to the store, sweet talk you the whole time, then, when the time is right, sucker punch the unsuspecting. The customer is NOT number 1 at Haynes. The dollar bill is. Stay away from Haynes!

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  • Be
      7th of Feb, 2007
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    I have given up on trying to settle this by phone. Either I am disconnected, put on hold to never get answered, or sent to someone's voice mail to never get a return call.

    On January 12, 2007, I gave Maryann Sarantino a $600 deposit by check for carpeting. The measurer, Chris Persens, came to my house the next day and measured. Then nothing. Twelve days passed and I was never contacted with the final figures for the work. When Maryann Sarantino finally got the measurements, she called and told me the original estimate was off by more than $1,000 even though it was prepared using my measurements which were VERY accurate. At this time, I asked for a return of my deposit and she said she would put in the paperwork immediately. Well, she didn't. When I talked to Candace in the business office, the request for the check had never been made. My calls to Robert Pcholinski and Wanda Solomon are never returned. The check I gave Maryann was paid by my bank within two days. Haynes is floating my money and giving me the runaround on a refund. I never dreamed Haynes had turned into such a sleazy business. Betty Bashara

  • Je
      29th of Aug, 2007
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    Dealing with Haynes is like selling your soul to the Devil. I'm new to VA and was recommended to shop at Haynes due to their excellence in customer service, well let me tell you that one person must of been fired. MY husband and myself enter Haynes on jefferson in January and purchased a $3,000 dollar bedroom set. Now eight months, over deliverieslater, 4 technicians visits, numerous trips the store, endless phone calls to anyone who would listen, and being their personal storage I've finally received my bed. Now thru out the entire time I'm making damn near all off the phone calls because they barely call me to let me know what's going on, i wrote a 10 page letter front n back to the Better Business Bureau giving them a play by play. Insaid i better be given an extra piece of furniture or cash back for all of this stress n money lost was yes to death n now that the time has arrived for my compensation they offer me a $300 dollar gift certificate with a take it or leave it attitude. I'm still dealing with this n I'm waiting for a technician to come out b/c the delivery men didn't put my bed together correctly. Thanx Haynes for your good ol southern hospitality. I strongly would advise that anyone reading this takes it seriously do not ever shop at haynes you might as well burn your money!!!

  • Pe
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    We have made several purchases from Haynes & were waiting
    anxiously to have them delievered. The first purchases were a Curio & Sofa. When the delivery came, the curio's
    door wouldn't close and it was not stable so we refused
    to accept it. The sofa seemed O.K.

    Next we purchaesed a China Cabinet, when delivered there
    was a big dark spot on the top of it. I called and a technician
    came out & restored the piece.

    Now the sofa has gotten off center & there are large gaps
    between the cushions, which are very irritating to say the
    least. I called and a technician came out and said it was
    caused by the way we were sitting on the couch, she tired to
    fill in the gap, by shoving the cushions aganist each other. I
    still wasn't happy, but she just shoved it off & said do this,
    do that, & left. The couch still has a large gap. I am
    very disatisfied & feel that Haynes is selling seconds. The
    floor pieces look nice, but delievered to your home from
    their waehouse, the pieces always have a defect.

    A very disatified customer.

  • Jo
      10th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I believe that it was stupid of you in the first place to charge 6, 000 dollars to a card I'm only 20 and i know better than to charge my cards up like that. Next I went to Haynes and it is a bad deal and your really need to read and listen closely.

  • Ni
      15th of Oct, 2018
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    Haynes Furniture - I'm complaining about my box spring.Queen size foundation frame is broke.
    United States

    Box spring frame is broke.

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