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HaunebuSphynx / sick kittens

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I bought a kitten from Kamilla from HaunebuSphynx, and the kitten was sick with an Upper respiratory virus. I thought it seemed bad when I walked up to her house and smellt this horrible smell coming from inside the house. When I walked in, it was even more unbareable. Her house smelt overwhelming of cat spray. I noticed the kitten sneezing alot when I was driving her home from Kamilla's house in Kansas. I emailed her the next day and told her I was worried about the sneezing that I thought she could have possibly had an upper respiratory virus and that she wasn't very active that she was laying around alot. She assured me that everything was fine and that she was probably just a little sick from getting her shots that she had gotten a week before I picked her up. I waited another day and still, the kitten just slept all day. so I took her to the vet and confirmed that she had URI. She recieved meds and now is doing fine, but Kamilla refuses to work with me and pay the unecessary vet fees and medicine. It was $45 dollars I was asking her to reimburse, and she refused. She was extremely rude about the whole thing and denying knowing that the kitten was sick, yet confessed to having it go through her cattery in the past and treating her cats with medicine from her country. She kept suggesting that I bring the kitten back to her instead of paying the $45. I think she already had someone lined up to resell her at a higher price. DO NOT buy kittens from this women. Her house is unsanitary and she only cares about the money. She is selling SICK CATS.

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  • Ju
      21st of Apr, 2009
    -3 Votes

    this grils website is she lives in Kansas.

  • Ha
      5th of Jul, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Hey Julia. When you came to my house my house was clean. I didnt see why would you even say those things about me or my house, that sooo rude of you ! when your children were not dressed they way they suppost to, sence it was a very cold day out side. So how did you even wanted to buy a sphynx kitten when you cant even take care of your own children ?? And a sphynx kitten its just like getting a another kid into your life. The kitten was perfectly heatlhy when she left my house, i know that for a fact !! And please dont tell me that i was lying, because i have nothing to lie about at all...and i was never rude to you, i was beaing nice all the time. You were the one who was beaing rude and keep saying horrible things about me and my adorable kittens when it wasnt true at all...look at you. I never give out kittens if they are sick (NEVER) . All of my past owners who bought a kitten from me are very happy with the kitten and most of them are calling me back and telling me that they would like to buy another kitten from me. So i dont understand why your the only one who is not happy with my kitten, i dont get you at all...and You the one who didnt even think to bring her a little blanket when you knew it was going to be cold out side. And when you got home you called and said that the kitten was sick ? well it got sick in your car honey, because it was very cold outside and as you know sphynx kitten dont have fur, ever heard of that before ?? If you were unhappy with the kitten in any way, which i didnt see one at all. I did ask you MANY MANY times if you want us to come and just pick her up, and i will give you the money back ( with those $45 that you were keep asking me about every e-mail ) well an you said no to that, so why are you even saying these bad things about me ? And my kittens, when i take care of them 24/7, and they are all very very heatlhy kittens. Plus you wanted us to pay you $ 45 for the med. that the vet. gave you ? well i didnt pay you $ 45 because you bought the kitten with a sale allready, so i dont even know why are you beaing so immature and keep complaining about my kitten.
    And you had NO RIGHTS to even post my photo on here !!!
    My sphynx kittens/cats are like kids to me, and i feel very sorry that i even gave you my little girl, because she deserves a much better owner then you.

    And here is the last e-mail that i wrote you, about returning the kitten, and you refused to do that.

    Lubov K to Michelle
    show details Apr 17 Reply

    In my contract it says you can return the kitten in 7 days,
    but it doesnt say about returning the money that you spent on when you checked with the vet.
    How about im just going to take her and ill give you the $ 800 + $ 45, and you will give me the girl.
    Because im really tired of these pointless e-mails, and you asking me to pay you the $ 45.
    Which is not that i dont kno why would you even ask me that.
    We can come and get her on this weekend at any time, we taking care of our cats like they are babies, we always check them with the vet and buy them healthy food and just spoil them.
    Let me know as soon as you can, so we can plan the trip. And if you do not agree with this then its fine, because i do have school and have to work, and i dont want to waits my time.
    Or you can just call me (913) 648-11-84

  • Ke
      15th of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I got male kitten from Kamilla..I found her home to be clean and decorated modestly with things from there native home Russia. The house was clean and they were very hospitable to my kids and me. We drove 5 hours one way to get our male with no regreats! There was a sent of cats but it was to be expected from a multi cat home. People who raise hogs have a smell, , people who raise dogs have a smell. They do it for the love of there pets and hobbys and jobs. Im thankful for these pople who bring these wonderful creatures into this wold for us to enjoy in our lives . As far as the health of your cat vaccinations can make them sick . As far as the respitory if you take an animal from a warm place to a cold place it can cause condenstaion in the lungs and it can cause a cold. If kamilla offered to buy the kitten back and you refused well thats on you . Sounds like you should have done your home work a little more on the sphynx cat. I would definatly buy again from kamilla with out hesitation ...also there lines are from a good breeder as well. I know some TICA members that have said the same thing! Kendra

  • Ju
      20th of Jul, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Its pretty sad when the breeder goes and posts a comment acting like someone else to try to make themself look good to cover things up. I wish the other girl that had contacted me about the sick kittens would also write a statement to prove all this. If anyone is thinking about buying a kitten from this breeder, I would HIGHLY recommend visiting her house first before making your final descision. (Kamilla, work on your english and spelling!)

  • Ha
      31st of Jul, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I am not acting like no one but my self, Kendra really did buy a male kitten from me not that long ago. She called him Vito .She actually came to pick him up by her self and her 2 kids. Her two kids were very happy to get him, and so was i, because i knew that they are going to love him and take care of him just like i did before. That day she actually send me an e-mail with some photos of Vito showing how he was doing so far and how they love him very much, plus she told me that she saw some crazy lady (a.k.a u) writing some unreal things about me and my house, so she said that she was going to write something back to you . So if you dont want to belive that ( Kendra) really did said that about me and my kittens, then its up to you. Im not going to try to prove you anything at all, because im tired of your drama allready. Plus i dont have time for this childish talk on the interenet, but i guess you do...And i know that for a fact that my kittens are very healthy and always happy in my house. I love them very much and they are like kids to me. Because i DO take care of them 24/7 . Ad please do not tell me to work on my english you are no one to tell me that what so ever, oh and at least i know 3 languages, and im very proud of it !!!

  • Ke
      13th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Julia if you think Im a fake look me up Kendra bullock Dougherty Iowa...Kamilla honered her should have taken that kitten to the vet at the first sign of sickness..not wait 2-3 days who is to say it didnt get sick inyour care! Kamliia said she would buy the Kitten back and pay for the meds in return for the kitten and you refused and posted a complaint. Any honest breeder will honer there contract...she obvioulsy cares about the kitten not money! That is clear! If you were going to invest so much money in a pet and had doubts before you got to the door why not just take your money and walk away? Kamliia and her family deserves respect for trying to make you happy and then you complain about her spelling? Honestly who cares???? I would be more than happy to get another kitten from Kamilla!

  • Ju
      11th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Are you kidding me? I took that kitten to the vet on the second day of having her. Kamilla said she was probably sick because of the shots she had just recieved! She even had the kitten in a seperate room from the other cats. Being a first time buyer of Sphynx cats I didn't know what to look for. I wish I had had a mentor. I asked her to pay for the meds, Kamilla refused. She just wanted the cat back. She also gave me wrong pedigrees which I just recently found out. I had another breeder in Belgium call her because she never returned my phone call. She even lied to the other breeder. She told the breeder that she had sold me my female as a pet only. What a lie! If that was true then they wouldn't have given me the papers to register her with TICA with full rights. Watch out for this breeder she is a liar. She sells sick cats. I encourage you if you are going to buy from her, visit her house. She is now going by the name of KCsphynx.

  • Ki
      22nd of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    watch out! Kamilla has changed her cattery name to KCSPHYNX and is still selling sick cats!!

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