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I took my Dyson stick into Harvey Norman in Springvale on Monday 16-1-17
I approached Kate, with my Dyson, she was on the phone and I said I'm having problem's with my vacuum. She was already on hold with Dyson, she said" I never want to deal with Dyson again, they are a piece of crap, cheaply made in Malaysia, and sold here over priced here" she also said " they wouldn't suck a spider off the wall". She was still on hold while talking to me. I said well I definitely want my money back and don't want it repaired, after what you have just said. She said you have to see the store manager Steve.

This man was the rudest person I have ever dealt with. He said that I didn't clean the Dyson, he was sticking a pair of scissors into the head of the Dyson twisting and turning for 5 or so minutes.I told him I would be back in half an hour, he had me so stress. I came back and said the vacuum is no good, I'm not happy with quality, he said said no it's fine. Again have never been so insulted in my life. Will not go back to any Harvey Norman
I expect a response from Harvey Norman Head office
My e-mail address is

Jan 17, 2017

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